New York City Winter Intensive

December 28, 2017–january 5, 2018
ages 18+

Experience nine days of classes and collaborative learning with developing professionals, led by artists working in NYC. This year, the Winter Intensive will focus a critical lens on the productive tensions between two influential roots of modern dance: the African diaspora and Western European tradition. The work we will do together—dancing, discussing, and watching work—is structured to provide a fulfilling, challenging experience, regardless of your familiarity with the forms presented or identification with the traditions framing the intensive.

The Winter Intensive is designed for you to address yourself as a whole dance artist and to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist in a unique and collaborative group learning experience.  The community we form during these nine days will be pivotal to what we learn and how we grow.  More than a series of classes, the ADF Winter Intensive is a cohesive curriculum that will give you the opportunity to synthesize moving, making, physically researching, discussing, and forming relationships with other dance artists.












Apply for a new scholarship for this year’s ADF Winter Intensive! The scholarship takes $200 off the tuition cost for 10 emerging professionals. Qualified applicants are aged 25 and up and can demonstrate consistent experience in the professional dance field (creating, performing, teaching). 

Apply and submit materials here.

Deadline November 1. Notifications by November 15. Not to be combined with other offers.