New York City Winter Intensive

January 4-11, 2019
location tba
ages 18+

The ADF Winter Intensive in New York City is eight days of classes, conversations, and performances with NYC-based artists and educators. It brings artists together from around the country and world to form a dancing community in the charged environment of New York City.

The Intensive emphasizes community, communication, and command of the form. People sometimes think that we can’t honor these things simultaneously with excellence—but indeed, we can, and many artists do. It is possible to construct caring rehearsal environments that give everyone a voice and to create undeniably powerful dances. It is possible to challenge one another’s ideas with clear, compassionate communication and to celebrate each other’s inspired performance of challenging movement material.

critical lens

Each year, ADF chooses a critical lens that allows us to situate our dancing within concerns that are relevant to today’s world. In 2019, the Winter Intensive will consider the question: How does dance create solidarity? Through our daily schedule of classes that include a range of techniques, improvisation, repertory, reading group discussions, and creative processing, we’ll physically, intellectually, and imaginatively consider the complex notion of solidarity.  

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Apply for a new scholarship for this year’s ADF Winter Intensive. ADF wants to support ongoing learning for dancers after they graduate from university programs. There are a limited number of scholarships available for dancers who graduated from an undergraduate degree program as of May 2018. To apply, submit an application by November 2. Tuition for scholarship recipients is $620.

Please submit a one-page resume of relevant artistic experience, a one-page letter of intent that tells us what kinds of questions and ideas you are exploring currently and how this experience could help you at this stage in your career. And finally, please submit a copy of your or your parents’ 2017 Tax Form 1040 (first page only).

Deadline November 2. Notifications by November 16. Not to be combined with other offers.

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