Housing, Meals & Travel

Carving out time and traveling from all over the world to North Carolina can be a big undertaking. We strive to provide resources and amenities that will make the ADF experience enjoyable and safe, assisting each student and their unique situation to our best ability. ADF students have a range of housing and meal options at Duke University and in the immediate Durham area. Both ADF and Duke have designed services to provide ease in the day-to-day festival experience. This allows students to focus on the most important thing… DANCING!  



Duke University offers a limited number of dormitory rooms on East Campus for ADF participants. Dorms are secured buildings and the most convenient of all housing options, although they are not the most economical option. Dorms come equipped with a bed (42″ high off ground, extra long twin), dresser, desk, bookshelf, chair, and closet. All residents in the dorms will share bathrooms, kitchens, and common rooms with other ADF participants. Students living in the dorms must provide their own bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets, etc) and linens (towels, etc). 

IMPORTANT: All students living in the dorms are required to purchase the Conference Food Points. More information about the points can be found in the FOOD section below.

Micro-Fridge Rental

Each dormitory has only one communal kitchen, which includes a stove, microwave, and regular sized fridge. Space is limited within the communal fridge, so we encourage all students to take advantage of the micro-fridge rental opportunity.

Students interested in renting a micro-fridge should visit this website and follow the prompts:


The deadline to receive requests AND full payment is June 3rd!

Each Micro-Fridge includes a freezer and a microwave. The total cost for the Micro-Fridge summer rental is $82.95* (includes an insurance fee).

Off Campus

Summer Dance Intensive students may choose to find their own off-campus housing. Off-campus housing is a cost-effective way to live at ADF for five weeks. Many ADF students use the ADF School Housing Collective Facebook page to find roommates, which will also help to keep expenses low. When searching for off-campus housing, students are advised to look for places near Duke’s East or Central campus, as the majority of classes are held between those two areas. Please review this map of summer locations as you look for off-campus housing. The ADF is not responsible for any off-campus arrangements or agreements.

Off-campus housing resources:  Craigslist  I  Off-Campus Duke Housing Resource  I  Air B&B


conference food points

All dorm residents are required to purchase Conference Food Points; however, this service is optional for off-campus residents.

Students living in on-campus housing will be required to have Conference Food Points at the rate of $30 per person, per night. Conference Food Points is a declining, nonrefundable dining plan that is redeemable in all Duke University dining facilities, including the East Campus Marketplace and Trinity Café, as well as any dining facility on West Campus, including food trucks that come to onto Duke University’s campus.

Students living off-campus have the option to purchase nonrefundable Conference Food Points, in increments of $25, to use in Dining facilities across Duke University’s campus.

Duke University Dining Services in the East Union Marketplace will provide on-campus food service for ADF participants. The cafeteria features an all-you-can-eat style buffet, with a focus on healthy options such as a full salad bar, grill items, and rotating entrees from around the world. The wide variety of food offered ensures that students with allergies or food restrictions have adequate options for their meals. The East Campus Union also features the Trinity Cafe, open for select hours during the summer and serving coffee shop-style food and beverage items. 


All students and visitors have the option to eat in the East Campus Union Marketplace on a pay-per-meal basis.

2019 rates to be announced

2018 rates

Breakfast: $12.30

Lunch: $16.15

Dinner: $17.55

Credit/debit cards, cash, and Flex accounts will be accepted at the Marketplace. There is a Wells Fargo ATM in the building.

A note about food tax at Duke University: All meals at the Duke University Marketplace will be taxed at the current local rate of 7.5%. Students who have purchased a Meal Plan have the tax included in the overall cost. Anyone who purchases meals using cash or flex will be taxed in addition to the per-meal cost.


Whole Foods grocery store is located directly across the street from East Campus, with an extensive salad/hot bar and to-go section. 9th Street, approximately 2 blocks from East Campus, features a number of cafes and restaurants. Downtown Durham also features an extensive array of restaurants and dining options. 

Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Kroger grocery stores are also located near campus. ADF will provide van trips on weekends to grocery stores for students without cars. 

Getting to and from durham


Students should plan to arrive on Thursday, June 13 between 9am-2pm. Early arrivals will not be allowed into the dorms. (The only exceptions to this are work-study students and stagecraft apprentices who are required to arrive early.) Late arrivals will be permitted on a case-by-case basis.  Fees will not be prorated for students who arrive at the festival late. Please contact the school office if you are unable to arrive on June 13.


All students should make their departure travel plans for Sunday, July 21. The last day of classes will be Saturday, July 20. Students should not leave the festival early, as many class showings take place on the last Friday and Saturday of the festival.  Please contact the school office if you need to leave the festival early.

Opening DAYS

Check-in will be held on June 13 from 9am-3pm, followed by student orientation in the early evening and the opening night performance. There will then be three days set aside (Friday, June 14–Sunday, June 16) for orientation, convocation, classes, repertory and Footprints auditions and callbacks, faculty advising, and class registration.

Traveling to ADF

Map of Duke University’s campus and ADF studios (2 pages, please scroll down).

By Car: The ADF summer office is located in Wilson Dorm on Duke University’s East Campus. The address that works best with a GPS is 1320 Campus Dr. Durham, NC 27708. 

By Air: The closest airport is the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). It is approximately 18 miles away from Duke University.

By Bus: Greyhound buses arrive and depart from the station located at 515 W Pettigrew St in Downtown Durham. 

By Train: There is an Amtrak station located in downtown Durham at 601 W Main St in Downtown Durham. 

Car Service: Lyft and Uber provide easy transportation to and from the airport and around Durham.

Shuttle Service: Charlene’s Safe Ride is a trusted and economical company that provides a shuttle service to and from the airport and around Durham. 

Getting around ADF

Parking on campus

For those students wishing to bring a car to campus, a five-week parking pass can be purchased, price TBA. Please note that the parking pass only allows students to park on East Campus in designated spots. The parking pass does not cover any off-campus parking that may involve costs. Parking passes can be reserved through the ADF office prior to arrival and picked up on check-in day. ADF is not responsible for any parking violations or fines received while on Duke University’s campus.

Biking on Campus

Various bicycle resources are available in Durham to help you get around quickly, environmentally consciously, and cheaply. Local resources that have bike rentals or affordable bikes for sale, including two bike sharing companies: