CANCELED: Delicious Movement Workshop with Eiko Otake

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*Local dancers are invited to join SDI students for this workshop at the Rubenstein Arts Center!  Advance registration recommended as spaces are limited.* 

Rubenstein Arts Center 201
2020 Campus Dr, Durham, NC 27708

Sunday, July 8, 4:15-5:45

This Delicious Movement Workshop is designed for all people who love to move or who want to love to move with delicious feelings. You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy the experience. The workshop is emphatically noncompetitive and appropriate to all levels of training and ability.
The exercises employ images, body articulation, floor work, and largely slow movement. However, the aim of the workshop is not to teach these. Rather, the participants, through their personal digestion of the material and of the improvisation and nonchalant partnership which supports it, are encouraged to acquire personal taste and flexible discipline to suit their own moving body.
For many participants, seeing movement intimately and being seen moving is a transformative experience, which brings a new appreciation of how “time is not even and space is not empty.”

Price: $10


Born and raised in Japan, Eiko Otake is a New York-based movement artist, performer, and choreographer who, after working as Eiko & Koma for more than 40 years, now works as a soloist. After studying with Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata in Japan and Manja Chimiel in Germany, Eiko & Koma created 46 interdisciplinary performance works, two career exhibitions, three living installations, and numerous media works. Always performing their own choreography, the pair usually designed and handcrafted all aspects of their works including sets, costumes, and sound. They presented their works in theaters, universities, museums, galleries, outdoor sites, and festivals worldwide, including many appearances at American Dance Festival and Walker Art Center and five seasons in BAM’s Next Wave Festival. From 2009 to 2012 Eiko & Koma produced and toured a multi-faceted Retrospective Project that included creating new performance works, installations, museum exhibitions, and media works; restaging old works; presenting film showings, panels, and lectures. As a part of the Retrospective Project, the Walker Art Center published a comprehensive monograph of their works, Eiko & Koma: Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty. Eiko & Koma were honored with the first United States Artists Fellowship (2006) and Doris Duke Artist Award (2012). They are the first collaborative pair to share a MacArthur Fellowship (1996) and the first Asian choreographers to receive the Samuel H. Scripps American Dance Festival Award (2004). They also received the Dance Magazine Award (2006). In 2014, Eiko visited irradiated Fukushima, Japan with photographer and historian William Johnston. From this visit came a photograph exhibition at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and a 12-hour solo performance at the Philadelphia’s Amtrak Station in the fall of 2014, which was the start of her solo project A Body in Places. Since then, A Body in Places has toured nationally and internationally. In February and March, 2016, Eiko was the subject of Danspace Project’s 10th annual Platform titled A Body in Places, a month-long curated program in New York City that included daily solos, weekly installations, a film series, a book club, discussions, group solo shows, Talking Duets, and a 24-hour photo exhibition of A Body in Fukushima with many guest performers. Eiko received a special citation from the Bessie Awards for her Platform and also was honored with Art Matters and Anonymous was the Woman grants. In November 2017, Eiko performed all day at three Metropolitan Museum locations (Cloisters, Breuer, and the Fifth Ave) using the seven-hour video she created from her work in Fukushima. Eiko teaches a workshop titled “Delicious Movement” in communities, colleges and art schools.

About This Event

Rubenstein Arts Center 201, 2020 Campus Drive, Durham, NC 27708

July 8, 2018
4:15 pm - 5:50 pm