ADF’s Movies by Movers

Moving images, moving bodies. Movement and film just go together. From the early experiments of artists like Loie Fuller and physical comedians like Charlie Chaplin, to the lush spectacle of the movie musicals of the 1930s and 40s starring dancer/choreographers like Bill Bojangles Robinson and Fred Astaire, to the avant garde movement with the likes of Maya Daren and Merce Cunningham, to Michael Jackson’s Thriller – moving bodies and the camera have shared an ongoing, dynamic conversation.

ADF’s International Screendance Festival, founded in 1997, and Movies by Movers, founded in 2010, have screened over 500 films combined. In 2016, the two festivals merged and launched ADF’s 21st year of celebrating screen dance.

ADF’s Movies By Movers is a bi-annual festival dedicated to the celebration of the conversation between the body and the camera. We love sharing the history of the collaboration between the ephemeral art of live movement and the perpetual nature of film. And we love receiving new expressions of these forms from all over the world from artists like you. Students, emerging artists, seasoned professionals, even those who would not consider themselves “artists,” but have great ideas, find room on our screens to share their craft.

While ADF’s Movies By Movers is by all accounts, a dance film festival, our definition of dance is broad and includes whatever you consider to be dance. Modern dance, ballet, jazz, cirque, parkour, skating, sports. We love it all. We screen it all! We also love all genres of filmmaking – experimental and digital technologies, documentary, choreography for the camera, animation, and student work. We invite you to keep us on our toes – literally – and help us keep pushing boundaries and redefining definitions


2017 Screening Schedule

The following films will be screened at ADF July 12-15, and at Appalachian State University in September. September dates TBA.

(N)= Includes some nudity

Wednesday, July 12, at 7:30pm
White Lecture Hall on Duke University’s East Campus

Shorts 1: A collection of short works by student artists.

  1. Three on Four by Marty Buhler
  2. Thicker than Water by Amberly Simpson
  3. DROP by Aundrea Anderson
  4. Connection Lost by Uziel Perez
  5. X-TREM by Dans PXL
  6. The Edge of Balance by Jennifer Petruch
  7. Right by Emily Faulkner
  8. Caminatore by Angela Rosales Challis
  9. Exit Strategy #2 by Kym McDaniel
  10. This is not Magrite by Ivan Skorik
  11. 24-hour Film Project

Thursday, July 13, at 6:00pm
The Nasher Museum

Shorts 2: A collection of films highlighting women’s voices. (N)

  1. Your Approval is not Essential by Leen Michiels
  2. Woman Versus by Justina Grayman
  3. Chasser by Mon Cher Ho
  4. CEILING by Katherine Fisher
  5. WRONGHEADED by Mary Wycherley
  6. GIMP GAIT by Pioneer Winter
  7. Bound by Monica Thomas
  8. Lone Signal by Bat-Sheva Guez

Friday, July 14, at 7:15pm
The Shed

Shorts 3: A mix of short, fun films with a little something for everyone – family friendly

Special opening act: 13 Kushaqua Trail by Kira Davies, with live music.

  1. Supermarket/Degenerate by Liana C. Percoco
  2. Farther up the Road by Jen Ray
  3. F I E L D T R I P by Kira Blazek
  4. Jon Forbid by Holly Wilder
  5. Swimminghole by Sarah Friedland
  6. Cold Storage by Thomas Freundlich
  7. Curing Albrecht by Jessica Wright
  8. the ninety9 by Annalee Traylor
  9. Terrian by Daniel Gwirtzman
  10. A Prologue and Three Acts by Courtney Krantz

    Closing Reception

Saturday, July 15, at 12:00pm
The Nasher Museum

Feature Film

  1. We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty by Claire Dix


Saturday, July 15 at 2:00pm
The Nasher Museum

Shorts 4: A collection of films, which explores our relationship to technology.

  1. Wake by Katherine Macnaughton
  2. Since The Silence by Thomas Corriveau
  3. Perhaps I was Here? By Charlotte Griffin
  4. Body Language Zone by Kim Saarinen
  5. Labyrinths by Jeffrey Hass
  6. Captiva by Victoria Marks
  7. 13 Kushaqua Trail by Kira Davies


Sunday, July 16, at 3:00pm
The Nasher Museum

Feature Film (N)

  1. Living The Room by Kailee McMurran, with opening short film Abismo, by Pablo Diconca


The films listed below will be presented at BAAD, in association with the Dance Films Asociation, NYC.

  1. Black Box by Shamel Pitts
  2. CEILING by Katherine Fisher
  3. Woman Versus by Justina Grayman
  4. Lone Signal by Bat-Sheva Guez
  5. Dolphin Dreams by Chisa Hidaka
  6. F I E L D T R I P by Kira Blazek
  7. Body Language Zone by Kim Saarinen
  8. Intrinsic Moral Evil by Harm Weistra


Institutional Partnership Program

ADF’s Movies By Movers now offers collegiate institutions an opportunity to screen official festival selections on campus. Screenings come curated and ready to present in a format that best fits your needs. Three program options are available. Click here for more information.













Director and curator, Cara Hagan, is a professional artist of many genres. She has had the pleasure of presenting her work on stage, on screen, and in educational settings across the US and abroad. Most recently, Cara’s creative work has been seen on stage at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, in installation at the South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art, on screen at the Thurrock International Film Festival, Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, and the San Francisco Doc Fest, and in several forms at Appalachian State University, where she serves as Assistant Professor of Dance Studies in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Ms. Hagan is a 2014-2015 recipient of the NCAC Choreographic Fellowship Award. She is also the recipient of a 2015 Sustainability in the Arts Grant and a 2015 University Research Council Award, both from Appalachian State University. Ms. Hagan’s most recent scholarly contribution includes a chapter in the forthcoming anthology, Dance’s Duet with the Camera: Motion Pictures.