All upcoming workshops will be posted here!  Watch this space.  🙂

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops will be held at ADF’s Samuel H. Scripps Studios, 721 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705 

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Cunningham Technique: Finding the Foundation
with Glen Rumsey

Sunday, December 3:  3-5pm

This two hour workshop will break down the basic exercises and flow of the typical Cunningham class.  This workshop is intended for dancers who may have never taken a Cunningham class, Cunningham enthusiasts who want to take the time to go back and “find the foundation,” and last but not least, dancers who have thought to themselves “Cunningham isn’t for me.”  🙂 

Starting with a strong sense of spine, the class will move through different back exercises, exploring the torso as a unit and its individual parts. There will be a classical progression of exercises such as plies and tendus that will be comfortable for anyone with a ballet background, then eventually dancers will move through space, playing with directional changes and the way of referencing “front” in terms of the way your individual body is facing, not as a point outside of yourself.  Expect to discover your strength and flexibility both mentally and physically as you explore these ideas in a comfortable and supportive environment, where questions are encouraged and discoveries are celebrated.

Price:  $15

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Merce Cunningham and Chance Operations: A Community WOrkshop
with Patricia Lent

Sunday, December 10:  12:30-2:30pm

Participants will be introduced to Merce Cunningham’s use of chance operations as a choreographic tool. During the session, participants will learn simple movement phrases based on everyday movement (walking, kneeling, running, falling), and taught how to use chance operations to organize this movement in time and space. Participants will then be guided to invent and sequence their own material.
This workshop is designed to accommodate a range of participants, with or without previous dance training, with special emphasis on welcoming “non-dancers” to explore movement possibilities. All that is required is an openness to new ideas, and curiosity about organizing movement in space and time.

Free and open to the public.

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parkinson’s movement initiative

Pilates for Parkinson’s workshops will transition into our regular class schedule and are now joined by weekly Dance for PD classes as part of our Parkinson’s Movement Initiative.  Please check under ADULT CLASSES in the left column for more information and class registration (or just click here).

In the meantime we are adding MORE exciting one-off workshops to choose from during Fall and Winter Terms in addition to our weekly drop-in classes:



Saturday, December 9:  3-4:30pm
Saturday, December 16:  3-4:30pm
Saturday, January 20:  3-4:30pm
Saturday, January 27:  3-4:30pm

*Please note that this class will take place at WakeMed: 3000 New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC 27610*
Parking: You may park in the handicapped lot in front of the health park until it is full, and then please park in the P1 Visitor parking garage (we will provide parking passes!)
Directions: Entering “Healthworks at WakeMed” into GoogleMaps will bring you right to the drop-off area in front of the Health Park. 

This class is modeled after the Dance for PD® program, developed by the Mark Morris Dance Group and Brooklyn Parkinson Group, and our instructors have attended their training workshops in Brooklyn.

Participants will learn choreography in a variety of dance styles including ballet, modern, jazz, and folk, and will also have opportunities to improvise, creating unique movement sequences. A typical class includes movement done seated, standing, and locomoting, with adaptations offered based on each individual’s level of comfort and mobility.



American Dance Festival is proud to offer these Parkinson’s Movement Initiative classes in partnership with NC Dance for Parkinson’s and Poe Wellness Solutions and supported by a grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation. Through funds raised by Moving Day® North Carolina, a walk for Parkinson’s, all classes offered through the Parkinson’s Movement Initiative are free for people living with PD and their caregivers.