One of the nation’s most important institutions-The American Dance Festival. -New York Times

Over the years, ADF volunteers have proven to be an invaluable part of our community-volunteering is the perfect way to support one of Durham’s cultural gems. We invite you to spend time with us this summer and help spread the magic that is ADF!

Volunteer  Opportunities


Our most visible volunteers are the ushers who welcome and assist ADF patrons in all performance spaces. With the opportunity to see the best in modern dance, your help is needed to collect tickets, distribute playbills, and assist audience members. Ushers must attend a brief training and scheduling session prior to the start of the festival. Dates: June and July.

ADF utilizes Durham Convention & Visitor’s Bureau’s Wayfinders to schedule ushers.  This scheduling tool is used by organizations throughout Durham.

If you would like to usher for ADF this season, please use this link to create your account with Wayfinders:

In your account you can add the locations for the Duke team the Durham Performing Arts team. If you only want to usher for one particular venue, only add that particular venue team to your account.

Each venue will post through their message board orientation meeting date(s), dress codes, and the benefits you receive as a volunteer.

If you sign up for a shift and later find that you’re not able to fulfill it, please “drop” yourself from the shift so that others looking for opportunities may find them. But remember, to usher at either venue, you must attend their initial orientation meeting!

Please email questions about ushering to ADF’s Audience Services Coordinator Katie Peeler at

Cast  Dinner  Sponsors

Host a post-performance dinner for visiting dance companies. Nourish our artists and throw a great party. Dates: June- July.

Special  Events  Assistants

ADF sponsors a number of special events in the summer including the annual Scripps/ADF Award Ceremony. ADF needs volunteers to help with decoration and set-up, sending invitations and food service. Dates: June-July


With students and performers representing over 40 countries in residence during our summer season, ADF needs volunteers fluent in almost any language to translate at tech rehearsals, in press interviews, for the school office, and similar situations. Dates: June- July.

Office / Clerical / Bulk Mailing / Database Assistants: Do you have a few spare hours here and there?

Help ADF staff with office needs throughout the year, especially in the spring. Dates: Year round, 10 am- 6 pm.

Promotions  Assistants

Assist the ADF staff in distributing promotional materials (season brochures, posters, postcards, etc.) to local merchants, malls, public bulletin boards, and other sites. Dates: Late April – early June.

Store  Assistants

Volunteers sell ADF merchandise at theaters before and during intermission of performances. All proceeds support ADF tuition scholarships. Store Assistants receive one free ticket to each performance worked. Dates: June -July.

Host an adf faculty member

ADF brings in over 50 faculty members each summer to teach in our world-renowned school. Many of these faculty are dance and music professors at universities around the country.  Please consider hosting (free of charge) a dedicated faculty member this summer for 3 or 6 weeks in June and July.

Transportation  Providers

ADF uses volunteers to pick-up and drop-off our many visitors at the airport and transport them to our campus. Dates: June- July.

*Contact to volunteer.