ADF Announces Co-Deanship of the ADF School

Posted in 2010.

erwin_auditorium_august1975erwin_auditorium_august1975 It’s that time of year again- the autumn air is crisp and invigorating, and the vibrantly colorful leaves are falling. Indeed, times of change are upon us all, even here at the ADF! On October 29, we were pleased to announce the new Co-Deans of the ADF School, Dr. James Frazier and Gerri Houlihan. Frazier and Houlihan will serve as Co-Deans for one to two years, after which Frazier will take over as Dean. “James and Gerri have both made incredible contributions to the art form, and the ADF is very grateful to have their passion and expertise on board to further the mission of the ADF School,” said Charles L. Reinhart, ADF Director.
Please join us in welcoming James and Gerri to the ADF family in their new roles. For their bios and the official press release, please visit .