ADF T-Shirts Through the Years

Posted in Festival '12, 2012.

    Wearing a favorite t-shirt is like wrapping yourself in your grandmother’s afghan – cozy and full of memories. For ADF staff, each unique shirt from festivals past reminds us of the various shenanigans that inevitably occur over the years.   Bring back favorite memories of your own past festival experiences by paying a visit to the ADF store! Find a range of festival tees, tanks and even baby onesies, from 2012’s newest designs through to our 1985 reprint.   And the t-shirt fun doesn’t end there! We’ve got an exhibit showcasing designs from the 1970s onward at Reynolds Industries Theater Lobby on the Duke University Campus, on display throughout the ADF season. Come take a look and discover how the designs have evolved over the years. If you’re a burgeoning artist of your own, get some inspiration and submit a design to the 80th Anniversary ADF T-Shirt Contest! Thousands of ADF fans from around the world could sport your design on our tees next year, so don’t miss out! Send your submissions to by July 1, 2012. More information can be found here.