Meet ADF Director Jodee Nimerichter

Posted in 2012, Interviews '12.

  Though 2012 marks her inaugural year as Director of the American Dance Festival, Jodee Nimerichter is a familiar face amongst the halls of the ADF Offices. Serving in a variety of capacities since 1992—working up the ranks from assistant to eventually co-directing the festival with Charles Reinhart—Ms. Nimerichter has a deep understanding of the many elements that comprise a prestigious modern dance festival today. “It is vital to balance our tradition of supporting artists over the years with discovering and presenting innovative new talent. Both are equally important parts of the ADF mission and I am committed to continuing that spirit and legacy of the festival.”   Ms. Nimerichter attributes the ADF’s successes to her staff. “The ADF really works,” she reflects, “because of the support, hard work and dedication of all the staff, interns and volunteers who give so much to making this festival happen.”   That team spirit is felt across the ranks of the ADF staff. ADF Receptionist Maria Dieter remarks, “As a newcomer to the ADF this summer, Jodee made me feel comfortable immediately. She always tells me how important my job is, and never forgets to say hello and ask me how I’m doing. It’s great to be part of a group of people led by such a fantastic woman.” Director of School Administration Nicolle Wasserman adds, “One of the things I appreciate most about working with Jodee is that if you need something from her, she will put everything aside and completely focus on you and the matters at hand, regardless of how busy she is. I’m always amazed at her ability to do this, and it is one of the best things you could ask for in a boss!”   With such a humble and warm persona, it would be easy to forget that Ms. Nimerichter is responsible not only for curating and presenting a six-and-a-half-week performance schedule featuring international modern dance companies, but also for overseeing the ADF school programs that draw a wide range of young, emerging and experienced dance professionals from around the globe every summer. And her responsibilities reach far beyond simply running the American Dance Festival: she is also mother to Dahlia, 4; and Preston, 15 months. She credits her husband Gaspard for being a flexible, supportive partner, though it is clear she thrives on the buzz of energy that results from having so much to do each day.   Working closely with Ms. Nimerichter, Special Programs Coordinator and Office Manager Gini Sowards is motivated by this multi-tasking, collaborative spirit. “Jodee is a true inspiration,” she states. “Not only is she is one of the most caring people I know, but she’s an incredible leader. She inspires me to work harder and push myself both personally and professionally. Working with her has made a profound impact on my life.”