Mark Morris Dance Group

Posted in Performances '12, 2012.


Mark Morris Dance Group returns to ADF in our closing weekend of performances. They are presenting Festival Dance (2011) as well as some of their classic works, many of them presented on the ADF stage for the first time: Canonic ¾ Studies (1982), Rock of Ages (2004) and Silhouettes (1999).

One unique aspect of an MMDG show is their live musical accompaniment, performed by the Mark Morris Dance Group Music Ensemble. Dancer Aaron Loux shares that performing onstage with an ensemble is a completely different experience than performing with pre-recorded music. Unlike a recording, which gives a dancer the exact same tempo every time, live music adds another element, which becomes a conversation between the music and the dancers. He states that performing with live music a “leap of faith you have to take every time.”

Mark Morris Dance Group runs through tonight Saturday, July 28th at DPAC, in a 1 pm Children’s Saturday Matinee as well as an 8 pm evening show. Please click here for more information and to purchase tickets.