HU / ADF MFA Thesis Presentations

Posted in Performances '12, 2012, School '12.


During the final weeks of each season, graduating students of the Hollins University / ADF MFA Program in Dance have the chance to present their thesis performance on ADF stages. Two of these outgoing MFA students, Susan Koper and Renee Robinson, spoke with the ADF Blog about their process of creation and how the HU/ ADF MFA program has impacted their career in dance.

Susan Koper, a dance educator based in Indiana and on faculty at Ball State University, commends the process of collaboration and creation inherent in the program. “The opportunity to take all these different classes—to meet and to know so many different kinds of artists—it’s just so inspiring.”

Adds Renee Robinson, “After finishing the MFA program, I feel prepared and ready for the next opportunities. I don’t know exactly where my path will lead, but I feel open.”

The ADF Blog extends our congratulations to Ms. Koper, Ms. Robinson and all other graduating MFA students who presented their work this summer!