ADF Musicians | A Breath, A Conversation, A Duet

Posted in Special Events '12, 2012, School '12.

    The relationship between music and dance is a crucial one. In its simplest form, music provides the tempo to which all movement is timed; but it also has the ability to create mood, enhance a feeling or provide breath within a piece. The process of creating live musical accompaniment during a dance class becomes a conversation, a “duet… between the audio and the visual,” remarks Andy Hasenpflug, ADF Director of Musicians.   The musicians at ADF play a variety of instruments and represent a broad range of musical styles and genres. Congas, drums & other percussion join pianos, trumpets, vocals and synthesizers to create a rich tapestry of sound for our dancers. Live music accompanies every class at ADF and is an invaluable resource in creating and punctuating movement. As Vladimir Espinosa shares, “The music and dancers never separate. I see when they move; I see when they breathe. And I breathe and move with them. I see what they need, and I give support to the dancer.”   Come celebrate our talented ADF musicians tonight, at a free Musicians Concert at the American Tobacco Campus at 6 p.m. For the first time, the Musicians Concert is presented as part of the American Tobacco Music on the Lawn series – so come on down and experience the energy and talents of ADF’s incredible musicians!   Special thanks to American Tobacco for their support of this event.