Paul Taylor Dance Company | An Anniversary

Posted in Performances '12, 2012.

The Paul Taylor Dance Company returns to ADF this year with some of its timeless pieces, including ADF commissions Aureole, celebrating its fiftieth anniversary; and Piazzolla Caldera, returning to the stage fifteen years after its creation. PTDC dancers Parisa Khobdeh and Eran Bugge chatted with the ADF Blog to discuss the return of these works and the ways in which the choreography and its reception by audiences has evolved over time.

Both Ms. Khobdeh and Ms. Bugge shared their excitement at returning to ADF this summer. “For us, it’s like coming home,” stated Ms. Khobdeh. “We love going to our favorite restaurants, stopping by Whole Foods, and just being here at the festival.” Adds Ms. Bugge, “We always look forward to our ADF visit!”

Come see Paul Taylor Dance Company on stage for their closing night show at DPAC tonight, Saturday, July 21st. Please click here for more information and to purchase tickets.