John Jasperse

Posted in Performances '14, 2014.

ADF will present the North Carolina premiere of Within between, an evening-length ADF-commissioned work by groundbreaking choreographer John Jasperse created in collaboration with the performers, including an original commissioned score by composer Jonathan Bepler and lighting design by Lenore Doxsee.

The goal of “Within Between” is to resist classification, and much of its intellectual excitement recalls the classic visual illusion in which one sees both rabbit and duck. Is what we’re watching wit or formal beauty? The answer is both. Jonathan Bepler’s score, played live, belches up fragments of Debussy, hard rock, and Valley Girl talk, but Jasperse’s choreography—which tweaks ballet and makes a postmodern hoedown out of the stepping of black fraternities—flows smoothly. A terrific cast of four makes everything unambiguously dancey.—The New Yorker