Heidi Latsky Dance

Posted in Performances '15, 2015.

Heidi Latsky, former dancer with Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and known for using conventional and unexpected performers, presents Triptych. Triptych consists of the works Solo Countersolo (2013), Somewhere (2013), and a dance created especially for film. Solo Countersolo features Heidi as the counterpoint to the ensemble, weaving through a landscape of vigorously moving bodies to a score by British composer Chris Brierley. Somewhere, with original music by Ximena Borges, is a series of intimate movement portraits that highlight the luminous appeal of a diverse unconventional cast. The third part of Triptych consists of a film that poetically interweaves ten movement portraits that embrace difference and the inherent isolation of being human with fierceness and frankness.