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ADF-Commissioned World Premieres

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According to Webster’s online dictionary, a commission is a formal written warrant granting power to perform various acts or duties. Every year the ADF offers selected world renowned choreographers the financial means to bring their visionary ideas to fruition. This… read more

ADF Improv Jams

Posted in Festival '10, 2010.

Every Saturday night at the ADF, students, musicians and faculty come together to improvise with both movement and sound. CyberDance spoke with faculty members Ishmael Houston-Jones and David Brick about what a jam is and what role it can play… read more

2010 ADF Kid Parties!

Posted in Special Events '10, 2010.

CyberDance joined a kid party at the Durham Performing Arts Center, where kids of all ages gathered outside for music, face painting, hoola hooping, snacks and more. These events are held after the Children’s Matinees and are a perfect way… read more

Interview with Brenda Angiel

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Hailing from Argentina, the Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company takes the stage at the Durham Performing Arts Center, July 8-10. Brenda talked with CyberDance about her new work 8cho, which simultaneously honors the traditions of the tango and pushes its… read more