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The 2011 ADF Faculty Concert

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Want to see your favorite teacher bust a move onstage? Here is your chance! Each summer the ADF’s internationally renowned faculty members share their vast array of knowledge, skill, and creativity with over 300 students. Join them for two exhilarating… read more

Emanuel Gat Dance to Perform at ADF, July 7-9

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Artistic Director Emanuel Gat has gained international recognition for his high artistic standards and unprecedented voice within the modern dance genre. His extraordinary troupe of dancers will make their fourth appearance at the ADF with the US premiere of Brilliant… read more

Eiko and Koma to Perform at ADF, July 5-6

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Known internationally for their exquisitely meditative dances that resonate with strength and intensity, Eiko & Koma have created a theater of movement all their own. This summer Eiko and Koma will celebrate their 40th anniversary with the reconstruction of River… read more