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Opening Weekend Recap

Posted in Festival '12, 2012.

  What a weekend! We here at ADF Video Blog HQ are still reeling from our action-packed opening festivities over the last few days. Things were off to a great start with the jubilant return of Doug Elkins & Friends’… read more

ADF Season Opener This Thursday!

Posted in Festival '12, 2012.

    The clouds have parted, the lightning bugs are out… which means it’s time for the ADF season to open! Here at ADF headquarters, pencils are sharpened, welcome folders printed, and we’re ready for the stampede of students arriving… read more

ADF T-Shirts Through the Years

Posted in Festival '12, 2012.

    Wearing a favorite t-shirt is like wrapping yourself in your grandmother’s afghan – cozy and full of memories. For ADF staff, each unique shirt from festivals past reminds us of the various shenanigans that inevitably occur over the… read more