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I Love It When You Tell Me Stories

ADF is a community, and I have missed this dancing community. I have continually wondered how everyone is doing and have been dreaming about how ADF can continue to foster togetherness and connection. This project is my response. I Love It When You Tell Me Stories invites you, the rich, multi-generational, multi-disciplinary community of artists that come to ADF to teach, learn, perform, produce performances, play music, and dance, to share your stories and hear one another’s stories. I hope it will be a place you can turn and return to for comfort and inspiration.    

More specifically, this project arises from my yearning for what I am missing during these unusual times: the small stories that get told in between the big events, the bite-sized encounters with other people that used to happen so effortlessly and acted like a reset button pushed several times a day. This project arises from a desire to hear stories from our community in this historic moment, and to bring forth the people and stories that don’t often get told through typical media platforms and channels. 

Your Stories

The story you might tell here is as varied as your life. 

It is the story of what’s going on inside you as you walk from the subway to your apartment or from your refrigerator to your mailbox.  

It is the story you would often share in the frequent, casual exchanges with others that you used to have so frequently, which would allow you to talk about how you’re doing about things that aren’t big events, or that are big events, but you only have time to tell them briefly.  

It is the story about a supposedly-nothing-special moment in your life—making dinner, wondering about what you’ll do tomorrow—that, when heard by others, makes you and us feel less alone in the world.  

It is your story about the bad day, the uneventful day… the story that you don’t post on social media because it doesn’t seem worth listening to or worth telling.

(But it is worth telling, and it is worth hearing.) 

It might also be your story of unexpected delight and imaginative wondering, of a surprise that makes your day, or of your discovery of the new possibilities for dance in these times.    

Notable or seemingly inconsequential, arising from the depths of your soul or the vastness of your joy, I imagine that these stories will weave a fabric that reflects the many different people who are making dance, music, and live performance all over our country and world.  No matter how long ago or how brief your connection to ADF, I’m interested in the story of you in any moment of your life right now.

I hope you’ll share one of your stories with us.

How to share

These are small, brief, informal stories told on your own terms, in your own way. Five minutes, a page in a notebook, a handful of photographs, a sketch rendered over a 10-minute break. You may use video, audio, a collection of photographs, poetry, prose, drawing, or any combination of these mediums. You may submit as many stories as you like, but I might only use one of them. I’ll post the stories on the I Love It When You Tell Me Stories section of my webpage and send a blog post out each week that features your stories.

To Share Your Story

If you’re interested, please fill out this google form and I’ll reach out to you for further details.