Schedule & Classes

schedule & Classes

The Winter Intensive schedule is designed to challenge you technically, creatively, and intellectually through the opportunities that exist in a unique and collaborative group learning experience. More than a series of classes, the ADF Winter Intensive is a cohesive curriculum that will give you the opportunity to move, make, research, discuss, and form relationships with other dance artists that last far beyond the eight days we spend together.  

Curriculum includes:

  • Daily class in contemporary movement forms
  • Classes in additional techniques and practices: African dance forms, composition, hip hop, improvisation, and somatics
  • Repertory classes with NYC-based choreographers
  • Creative processing classes that work across disciplines and modalities to address the whole dance artist.  These classes might include short readings that lead to movement exploration, discussion, writing, or composition within a variety of forms.
  • Community discussions to process ideas that are surfacing in our classes and the performances we see 
  • Informal lunch conversations to talk through community-generated topics
  • Two NYC performances

2019 Sample Schedule*

*Students will be divided in two groups. The above schedule represents all offerings for both groups. Groups will be assigned on the first day.

Learn more about the faculty here.


ronald k. brown/evidence repertory

Ronald K. Brown EVIDENCE, A Dance Company Repertory Class
Taught by Arcell Cabuag (Associate Artistic Director) & Shayla Caldwell (Assistant Rehearsal Director)
Classes begin center floor with and emphasis on alignment, rhythm and using the body to express ideas and themes; strength, prayer, and celebration. Classes begin with meditation and floor work that includes stretching and mind body centering exercises.

Center floor work or barre work includes alignment and the introduction of the various dance techniques that are incorporated in the vocabulary of Ronald K. Brown/ EVIDENCE, A Dance Company. Phrases across the floor use influences from the western modern dance as well as traditional and social dances from West Africa, the Caribbean and the US.

elisa clark

Career Lab
Designed to raise the consciousness of participants, Career Lab, developed by certified life coach Elisa Clark, offers transparency regarding the ever-changing realities and challenges within the field of dance.  From her two decades of experiences spanning the wide variety of opportunities within the world of concert dance, Clark draws on her deep knowledge of commonalities and differences among the types of non-profit organizations that employ professional dancers. Career Lab offers unique transparency regarding the nature of competitiveness within the field.  Via specifically designed activities, Career Lab invites participants into conversation and inner exploration. Each seminar is uniquely tailored to the concerns and the needs of those attending and is highly responsive to dancers’ questions and concerns.  From sharing hard facts from life as a professional artist in America to guided self-reflective exercises, Career Lab offers opportunities to develop insights and an on-going personal inquiry within a trusting, safe and open environment.  Students leave with ample tools, as well as deeper understandings of both their field and themselves, allowing room to be empowered to navigate their own individual paths to success and to finding employment within the performing arts world.

Leah cox

Contemporary Techniques: Creating Joy
In this postmodern dance class, we will explore techniques for creating communal joy using practices and values that draw from Western and African diasporic dance/movement traditions.  We’ll also develop our capacities to be creative and make choices by working with others to access all the intelligence in the room. Class will include guided somatic-based explorations, physical problem-solving activities, and both follow-along and learned dance phrases that encourage bold movement and the integration of the whole self—body, mind, and spirit. 

cunningham repertory

Cunningham Repertory
Taught by Melissa Toogood
We will begin each day working on some of the back exercises from the Cunningham Technique class. This will inform the body for the repertory. We will work on various phrase material that span different decades of Merce’s work, and use chance procedure to arrange a sequence. 

jack ferver

Choreographic Syntax
In this two day workshop students will examine the way psychology shapes physical expression and how analysis of those stories can build choreography. Through a series of improvisations, students will learn to locate and listen to the sentences their body is creating, as well as how the body is telling them. In class discussion about the material created will explore the uncanny relationship between choreographic and language “phrase” making, and how the individual body can relay information to the larger societal body through honesty, deceit, codes, and archetypes.

raja feather kelly

Honest Reactions to Imaginary Situations
Physical and verbal conversations and exercises about popular culture and the human condition and its effect and design of a thinking body in motion. 

Saar harari

Gaga is a new way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body. Gaga provides a framework for discovering and strengthening your body and adding flexibility, stamina, and agility while lightening the senses and imagination. Gaga raises awareness of physical weaknesses, awakens numb areas, exposes physical fixations, and offers ways for their elimination. The work improves instinctive movement and connects conscious and unconscious movement, and it allows for an experience of freedom and pleasure in a simple way, in a pleasant space, in comfortable clothes, accompanied by music, each person with himself and others.

“We become more aware of our form. We connect to the sense of the endlessness of possibilities. We explore multi-dimensional movement. We enjoy the burning sensation in our muscles. We are ready to snap. We are aware of our explosive power, and sometimes we use it. We change our movement habits by finding new ones. We go beyond our familiar limits. We can be calm and alert at once.” – Ohad Naharin

k.j. holmes

Somatics, Improvisation, and the Poetics of Dance
This class is experiential research of Body-Mind Centering ®, Ideokinesis, Contact Improvisation, and structures and scores for dancing, Exploring anatomy and physiology to better understand the mechanics of movement, you will discover, explore, separate, integrate and improvise with physical systems and patterns to make visible physiological rhythms of support and creativity.  Through exposing contradictions in the body and engaging with our imaginations, we will widen choice, create discernment and practice embodiment and composition. 

Nia love

Modern Roots
Nia Love’s Contemporary Modern class focuses on the ever-expanding power of the Africanist presence in modern movement. The engine of the class is the syncopated and poly-rhythmic body. Exhilarating crisp and sharp release, rounded drop-n-stack gestures, and agrarian movement sensibilities powered by polycentrism and initiated by core and distal sensibilities. Afro-Beat, Blues, Butoh, and Funk landscapes are harvested and become identifiers that contextualize the power and force of the urban gait, the grounded pulsations, the flick, ‘wack’ and head-bobbing gestures that underscore the notion of trans-global movement. This class will equip the 21st-century dance artist’ toolbox into a more equitable conversation about the lineages of contemporary modern postmodern dance, improvisation, and the avant-garde.

johnnie cruise mercer

FUNKitUp/Repertory: A  Conscious Physical Practice 
An investigative space encouraging the personal understandings of self’s relation to dance history and the contemporary, FUNKitUp promotes artistic freedom while challenging the bodies understanding of self-trust, and its aptitude to let go. Designed for technically advanced movers/thinkers, the fast pace workshop flows quickly through meditative floor work, tectonic shifting of one’s body surfaces, gestural practices/understandings, complex conversations both verbal and labored, and detailed physical repertory that demands both mental awareness and physical professionalism. The workshop focuses on three major concepts- the ability to quickly yet consciously shift one’s mode of moving in unique unconventional ways in relation to past/current aesthetics, the capacity to use vibration as an impetus to articulate one’s body through unseen time/space, and to train the mind to find balance between deep thought and trance. A physical embodiment of the now, then, and later FUNKitUp fully explores the body as a vessel to the past,  and an active introduction to reflection as a compositional tool in risk-making. 

Jennifer Nugent

Experiencing Technique/Support, Precision, Presence
Using improvisational and set warm-ups, we will focus on the volume and weight inside the body and its relationship to the floor and movement. Exercises that bring awareness to the feet, spine, and pelvic floor encourage the feeling of release in the limbs, allowing us to fall and suspend off center, simultaneously finding a grounded, flexible base of support. Using these physical tools, we will explore sensation, instinct, and the inherent musicality inside the body, phrasing. All the while dancing, we will work toward a more grounded and direct approach to movement.

rokafella & kwikstep

Classic Hip Hop Styles
Join street dance/Hip hop theater artists Kwikstep and Rokafella at an in-depth workshop that presents the classic Hip hop dance styles as an expression of both freedom and legacy. All levels of experience are invited to participate and contribute in the exchange of moves and ideas surrounding the commercial and cultural aspects of this global movement.

urban bush women repertory

UBW’s Generative Dance – Making & Performing Shelter
Jawole Willa Jo Zollar created Shelter in 1989 after a two-year process and several iterations of the work.  This workshop will share various ways that she used process to create work, provide the performers with ways to own their point of view and learning sequences of the Shelter choreography. The participants will be given research prompts prior to arrival as well as research assignments as a part of the workshop.  This will allow us to formulate how we investigate, probe and interrogate our body knowledge for movement information.

NI’JA Whitson

Pathways to a Sacred Somatic: Improvisation in Four Directions
We unearth spirituality as warrior practice, warrior practice as ancestral intelligence, ancestral intelligence as embodied memory. Journeyed in physical practice, guided by the wisdom of the Orisa and Black/Queer magic, participants will locate and release their “stuck” via Whitson’s Sacred Somatic practice. Combining spiritual and physical technologies we will look specifically at the resonance of 4 in ritual, the body, and space.

abby z and the new utility repertory

These rep classes, co-taught by Abby Z and the New Utility founding members Fiona Lundie and Jennifer Meckley, will take students through an accelerated creative process, delving deeply into a physical training that synthesizes disparate movement cultures including modern dance, hip-hop, basketball, and synchronized swimming, among others. Classes will learn kinetic concepts from the company’s new piece, “Radioactive Practice” and work collaboratively to create an environment that supports the range of movement backgrounds of the dancers in attendance.   

Jesse Zaritt

Studio Practice
Each class begins with practices that help to release excess tension and invite wonder. Improvisational and choreographed exercises generate radical radial connectivity, clarity, and length/width/depth in our bodies. Phrase work will then allow us to research ways to exaggerate the sensations of being in a multi-dimensional body. We’ll fall into and out of lush, decadent dance experiences. 

Moving/Moved By
This class is a movement laboratory. We will engage practices that activate heightened attentiveness, expansion and expressivity. We will experience the body’s anatomical systems through imaginative movement inquiry and play with how movement can be drawn into/onto/through our bodies and the the body of space. Alongside this work, we will reflect on the impact social conditioning has on our bodies, asking how we move and are moved by forces that shape the environments we live in. In what ways can dancing be a vehicle for the negotiation of individual and collective agency?

Performance Tickets

Students attending the NYC Winter Intensive will attend two performances (tickets are included in tuition cost):

Ephrat Asherie Dance & Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE with Arturo O’Farrill and Resist
The Joyce Theater
Saturday, January 5 @8pm

Jack Ferver: Everything is Imaginable
New York Live Arts
Wednesday, January 9 @8pm