Summer Dance Intensive

Coming December 2021:
Details for the IN-PERSON 2022 SDI

June 16-July 17, 2022
Ages 18+

intensive overview

The Summer Dance Intensive immerses you in four weeks of movement-intensive classes that celebrate what we can learn from dancing remotely online together. 

  • Contemporary movement practice classes give you a range of forms to explore. 
  • Repertory and composition classes culminate in online performances and integrate making, dancing, researching, and performing.  
  • Four-week-long classes, drop-in classes and discussions, evening performances, and weekend workshops provide variety and community. 

Join us in a way that works for you, choosing from drop-in, part-time, and full-time enrollment options.

Who can participate in this intensive?

The Summer Dance Intensive (SDI) is for dancers who are age 18 or older by June 21, 2021. Classes are designed for intermediate and advanced dancers with a consistent movement practice. We recommend that, minimally, you have some prior dance training and a regular practice. No audition is required to enroll. 

As our capacity for this intensive is limited, we’d like everyone who attends to be present at each class to create a community and reap the benefits of the full experience.  

Enrollment overview

how to apply

Intensive Classes

Complete the online application process only if you intend to enroll as a full-time or part-time student in one of our weekly intensive classes. Read the Schedule & Class Descriptions section below for more details. 

Complete the following within the online application: 

  • Submit $50 non-refundable application fee (not credited toward tuition).
  • If auditioning for a repertory class, you will have the opportunity to submit audition materials within your online application after you are accepted into the program. See below for audition requirements.
  • Class registration is available within your online application once you have submitted your deposit.

Apply Now

If you have any questions in completing any phase of the application process, contact the ADF School through the messaging tool in your online application or via email at For technical questions please check out Acceptd’s Help Desk for frequently asked questions.

Drop-in classes & Weekend workshops

Registration for drop-in classes and workshops is separate from the online application and is through the Mindbody platform. To learn more about our offerings and to sign-up, go to our ADF Studio’s Adult Classes page.

class registration & Auditions

Class registration

Students may choose to enroll as a full-time or part-time/per class student. Only full-time students are eligible to apply for scholarships. There are 8 total classes to choose from our weekly intensive schedule; read more about each class in the Schedule & Class Descriptions section. 

Students that enroll in the full intensive are able to take classes in all regular time blocks (4 classes), attend any extra weekday sessions/performances at no additional cost, and are offered a 50% tuition discount on weekend workshops.

Students that enroll part-time/per class are able to enroll in up to 4 classes (including 1 repertory class) in all regular time blocks and may attend any extra weekday sessions/performances at no additional cost.

Drop-in Classes & Weekend Workshops
Drop-in classes and weekend workshops are open to anyone, including those that are not enrolled in weekly classes in the Intensive. Registration for drop-in classes and workshops is separate from the online application and is through the Mindbody platform. To learn more about our offerings and to sign-up, go to our ADF Studio’s Adult Classes page.

repertory auditions

Applicants interested in auditioning for one or both of the repertory classes must upload audition materials by the deadline of April 1 to be considered. Each repertory class has its own individual requirements for audition materials, which are detailed within the online application. 

You can be considered for both repertory, but can be selected to participate in only one. If accepted into a repertory class, and you agree to participate, you must commit to attending all class sessions and participating in the cumulative online performance. You may also select to audition for none and select other class options.

Please note that Scholarships and Auditions have the same deadline. We encourage all applicants to complete their audition early to give them enough time to go through the scholarship submission process if you wish to apply.

Audition deadlines

April 1  Audition deadline
April 15  Audition results announced

how To audition & register for intensive classes:

Please submit the following through your online application:

  • Complete your online application for the Summer Dance Intensive, pay the $50 nonrefundable application fee, and wait for your application to be accepted. 
  • To Audition: Once accepted, indicate your interest in auditioning for one or both repertory classes in your online application. Complete and upload the required audition materials detailed within the online application.
  • To Register for Class: Once accepted, you will go through several other stages before registering for classes, including the audition process, scholarships, and submitting a deposit. Once a deposit is submitted and you have confirmed your spot in the program, you will have access to register for classes.


Summer 2021 Tuition

Application Fee   $50   Nonrefundable
Full-time Tuition  $1,400   $150 deposit is nonrefundable and applied towards tuition
Part-time/per class  $325   $150 deposit is nonrefundable and applied towards tuition
Part-time/per Rep class  $425  $150 deposit is nonrefundable and applied towards tuition
Drop-in Class  $10  Free to anyone enrolled in weekly intensive classes
Workshop  Varies  50% tuition discount for full-intensive students

*The $150 nonrefundable deposit is collected only once, regardless of enrollment selection.


Tuition scholarships

We are offering a limited number of partial tuition scholarships to students to attend the Online Summer Dance Intensive that are enrolled in the full intensive. All scholarships are awarded based on a combination of your work as a dance artist in conjunction with financial need. Due to the complexities and stresses people are facing during this time, we are not asking scholarship applicants to submit proof of financial need (tax form). However, we ask you to apply only if you need financial assistance in order to attend.

Summer 2020 applicants: Students that were accepted into the Summer Dance Intensive for in-person programs for summer 2020, and were awarded a scholarship at the March deadline, will be given first priority. The Self Interview Video is the only upload required of these students.

Texas-based applicants: In the spirit of accessibility and digital connection of In the Ether, ARCOS Foundation for the Arts is pleased to award one full-time tuition scholarship to a Texas-based dancer. To qualify, please complete (1) the online application as a full-time student, (2) the audition process for the repertory class In the Ether and (3) the ADF Scholarship application by the April 1 deadline. The Texas-based recipient will first be selected for the In the Ether repertory class and then awarded based on financial need. 

Tuition Scholarship Application Materials

  • Video: Submit a 2-minute video of your work as a dance artist. Examples of your work could include: performance/technical skill, choreography you’ve made, improvisation, dance-based community projects, or embodied research. We’ll use this video to assess your strengths as a dance artist.  
  • Self Interview Video: Submit a 1-minute video that responds to ONE of the questions below. We’ll use this video to learn more about you as a person who not only dances, but who has ideas about dance. We will use this video to supplement our understanding of you and your work, and to better understand the students we are serving through our programs. This video is used to provide context to your other application materials and will not be used as the primary source for scholarship decisions.
    • Option 1: Our summer intensive seeks to maximize what’s valuable about dancing remotely or online, as well as appreciate its challenges. What’s one thing that you’ve found valuable and one thing that’s been challenging about dancing online?
    • Option 2: What are you passionate about as a dance artist?  
  • Brief Statement of Financial Need (optional):
    • Submit a written statement that explains your current financial situation to help us assess your level of need.

Summer Dance Intensive scholarships are provided by the 315 Fund, The Harkness Foundation for Dance, and ARCOS Foundation for the Arts. 




ADF will match up to $150 towards tuition fees from sponsoring organizations and businesses. These scholarships are open to any participant. Sponsorships may come from:

  • Dance Studio
  • College or University
  • High School
  • Arts Organization
  • Business or Corporation


  • Matching scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Only a limited number are available. 
  • Matching scholarships cannot be combined with any other ADF scholarships. 
  • Matching scholarships may only be used to towards ADF tuition fees. 
  • Matching scholarship awards are contingent upon sponsorship agreement. Matching scholarships from ADF will not be allocated until the school office receives sponsorship agreement and funds. Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to their possible sponsors EARLY, before indicating interest in the matching scholarship to ADF. 


April 1  Scholarship application deadline
April 15  Scholarship Awards announced

how To apply for scholarships

Please submit the following through your online application to be considered for Scholarship:

  • Complete your online application for the Summer Dance Intensive, pay the $50 nonrefundable application fee, and wait for your application to be accepted. 
  • Once accepted, indicate your interest in applying for a Tuition or Matching Scholarship in your online application. 
  • For Tuition Scholarships:
    • See requirements above for submission materials.
  • For Matching Scholarships:
    • The sponsoring organization will need to complete a Matching Scholarship Application Form.
      • Provide your sponsoring organization’s email in your online application and they will automatically receive the form. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the form is submitted by your sponsoring organization.
      • If your sponsoring organization does not have an email, contact the ADF School and we will provide a hard copy of the form for you to send to the organization. 

Dates & deadlines

April 1  Scholarship & Audition deadline
April 15  Scholarships & Auditions announced
June 1  Payment due in full
June 1  Last day to withdraw and receive a refund, less the $150 deposit and $50 application fee.


Minimum Enrollment

ADF requires a minimum level of enrolled students for the Summer Dance Intensive and reserves the right to cancel the program if that minimum is not met. All tuition payments will be refunded in the event of cancellation. The $50 application fee is nonrefundable. 


  • Summer 2021:
    • The $50 application fee and $150 tuition deposit are nonrefundable.
    • June 1, 2021: All paid tuition (less the $150 deposit).
    • June 1–June 20, 2021: Tuition (less the $150 deposit) will be refunded for medical reasons only. A signed note from a doctor is required.
    • After June 20, 2021: Tuition will not be refunded for any reason.
  • ADF refunds, if applicable, will be processed within 2 weeks of withdrawing.

Schedule & class descriptions

class schedule

Intensive Schedule

Monday – Friday: Daily intensive classes from 11:00am-4:00pm ET; additional evening drop-in classes, open forums, and performances.

Weekends: Different workshops led by rotating artists on select weekends!


Schedule updated as of 5-13-2021. Weekly schedules with detailed drop-in classes and weekend workshops will be available closer to the start of the Intensive. Schedule subject to change.

Intensive Classes

1st Class Block: Mon, Wed, Fri | 11:00am – 12:30/1:00pm ET

Movement Class #1 | Contemporary Dance Technique Christian von Howard 11:00am – 12:30pm
Repertory Class #1 | In the Ether Erica Gionfriddo and Eliot Gray Fisher 11:00am – 1:00pm

2nd Class Block: Mon, Wed, Fri | 2:00pm – 3:30/4:00pm ET

Movement Class #2 | methods on dreaming. Jess Pretty 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Repertory Class #2 | Shen Wei Repertory Project: Re-(III) (2009) Sara Procopio 2:00pm – 4:00pm

3rd Class Block: Tues, Thurs | 11:00am – 1:00pm ET

Movement Class #3 | No end of detail Jesse Zaritt 11:00am – 1:00pm
Composition Class | Dance Making: Processing creativity Jordan Lloyd 11:00am – 1:00pm

4th Class Block: Tues, Thurs | 2:00pm – 4:00pm ET

Movement Class #4 | Of/ f Movement Jessie Young 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Creative Process Class | Collective Creation Leah Cox 2:00pm – 4:00pm

intensive class descriptions

Repertory Class #1 | In the Ether
Led by Erica Gionfriddo and Eliot Gray Fisher

This repertory class experience will be an emergent process of discovering our personal relationship to the digital realm and co-creating systems of understanding ourselves as fluid, hybrid creatures capable of holding great complexity and making great change. Through a process of continuous movement in multiple planes of time, space, and identity, we will build stamina to imagine new futures, translating our discoveries beyond performance.

In the Ether (ongoing from 2016), explores elements of cyborg and queer theories to imagine strategies for embodiment with and through technology. We use dance as a mechanism to practice agency in our human–techno entanglement. We do this primarily by “hacking” or repurposing everyday technologies for other than their intended use in performance. In the Ether at ADF will be an interactive web-based performance experience embracing the possibilities of a cyborgian existence.

Repertory Class #2 | Shen Wei Repertory Project: Re-(III) (2009)
Led by Sara Procopio

This repertory project offers a unique opportunity to learn excerpts from Shen Wei’s Re-(III). Group phrase material and solo scores from the work will be taught. Through individual and collective movement research, each dancer will have a chance to utilize the learned material and scores to generate solo material. The project will culminate in a final virtual sharing.

“The dance’s movement vocabulary is inspired by the dialogue between the individual and the collective, the past and the future. In making Re-(III), I drew upon the images of rural communities along the Silk Road and my impressions of a radically transformed Beijing.” – Shen Wei

Composition Class | Dance Making: Processing creativity
Led by Jordan Lloyd

This class focuses on the creative process through the examining of different compositional elements such as: time, space, sound, body, energy and more. We will generate material from our impulses and desires, framing the creating as thinking and allowing our choices to surface separate from conscious-reasoning. This class is a laboratory where students will create and develop their own original choreographies, using observation and questioning as tools to tune their work based on what they feel it needs. Students will have an opportunity to share their work as the class culminates in an online presentation/performance. This class welcomes active curiosity, invites vast and imaginative thinking, and concentrates on integrating one’s whole self with the choreographic process. This class is led by Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, and he believes that you already have the tools you need. 

Creative Process Class | Collective Creation
Led by Leah Cox 

Focus on the Horizon 
“The horizon is the apparent line that separates earth from sky, the line that divides all viewing directions based on whether it intersects the Earth’s surface or not. The true horizon is actually a theoretical line… [that] surrounds the observer.” (Wikipedia) 

In this class/process, we will use movement research, conversation, creative prompts, drawing, texts, personal writing, and digital tools to explore and express our absurd, earnest, and uniquely human orientation to real and metaphorical horizons. Our work will be individual and communal, socially-minded and personally significant. It will result in digital performances, products, and artifacts that we present and perform at the end of the intensive. Our performance/work will also be archived online in a dedicated project page of Leah’s website.

Movement Class #1 | Contemporary Dance Technique
Led by Christian von Howard

This class is a highly physical movement experience that explores many diverse movement vernaculars. The warm-up will consist of exercises that spiral in and around a contracted and released core, as well as polyrhythmic movement phrases that push across the space. Movement material will call for dancers to transition in and through inverted positions and challenge their ability to take on dense phrase material that investigates the many pathways of the body. The instructor’s goal is to promote an in-depth understanding of alignment, skeletal awareness, stretching, strength building, movement efficiency, and injury prevention.

Movement Class #2 | methods on dreaming.
Led by Jess Pretty

this is a class for finding your way back. a class for creating heat in our lives and in our bodies. a class for shedding, a class for realizing. a class for returning to the self. a class for returning to the phrase. a class for the physicality. a class for locating together. 

what do we know? what do we need? what do we want? 

utilizing methods that come from club practice (i.e. house dance, jazz funk, footwork) and contemporary forms, we will move from places of want and critical desire. catching the steps, catching the beat, catching the groove. we will work on building and sustaining an indulgent self practice together as a way of locating a more realized presence in our creative processes. we will actively be thinking through pleasure and euphoric movement practices toward world building and interrogating the dream(s) in attempts to actualize our swelling needs in practices of imagining otherwise the possibilities in front of us.

Movement Class #3 | No end of detail
Led by Jesse Zaritt

Where does our movement come from and what does it move us toward? What needs our attention? How does movement matter as we orient ourselves toward anti-racism, queer affirming action, feminist life worlds, expanding notions of kin and ecological and economic justice? 

Organized as a series of durational research practices and collectively designed rituals of exquisite attention, we will create immediate and urgent opportunities for dancing. We will examine relationships between curiosity, desire, effort and ideology. We will explore the lineages and histories that inform how we encounter and share our dancing.

This class navigates the intimacies of study – we will meet each other through our screens with the intention of passing through the portal of technology and across barriers of distance to deeply attend to our questions, our rigorous love of dancing, our need to share practice.

Movement Class #4 | OF/ F MOVEMENT
Led by Jessie Young 

This class is meant to challenge and develop strategies for disorientation – eyes open, head shifting, swarms of heat, eyes closed, sensing/seeing with different parts of our body. We will move big and practice taking movement into the floor, examining floor work and moving through scales of endurance.  We will explore the possibilities of critical inquiry in motion – taking on horizontal and vertical pathways with imagination and curiosity in equal measure. This class will be movement-filled, presenting possibilities for expressing our inherent movement, how we keep the energy and inquiry active through dancing.

drop-in classes & weekend workshops

Drop-in classes and weekend workshops are open to anyone, including those that are not enrolled in weekly classes in the Intensive. 

Drop-in Classes & Workshops

Optional drop-in classes and workshops are led by ADF faculty and guest artists give you the opportunity to cross train in different forms/practices and engage with other members of our dance community. 

Drop-in classes are held on every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30 – 6:00pm ET, with additional yoga classes offered on select Sundays. Each class is $10, or FREE if enrolled in the Intensive.

Different workshops are held on two weekends, June 26 and July 10 from 11:00am – 4:00pm ET, with a one hour break built in. Workshops are $50 each or $25 if enrolled in the intensive. 

Registration for drop-in classes and workshops is separate from the online application and is through the Mindbody platform. To learn more about our offerings and to sign-up, go to our ADF Studio’s Adult Classes page.

Open Forum

It wouldn’t be ADF without a place for us all to gather! Open Forum is a chance for us to experience community, reflect, and share our experiences, work, ideas, and questions. Each gathering will give us time to check in with ourselves and others, share with one another what we have been making or doing in or outside of the intensive, and build ideas in response to our dialogue. Open Forums will be led either by participants or guest artists.

Each week will bring different opportunities and joining is optional. Sign-up for this class may include an opportunity for you to let us know what you would like to bring to the gathering, including sharing your recent work and collaborations. Open Forums are open to intensive students only and are FREE to attend.

Open Forums are held on Fridays from 4:30 – 5:30pm ET. 


leah cox

Leah Cox is dean of the American Dance Festival and an associate professor of dance at the University of Texas at Austin. Cox is a frequent adjudicator for the American College Dance Association, served on the New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award Committee from 2015 to 2018, and was a master teacher for YoungArts. She worked with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company from 2001 to 2014. Cox began as a company dancer and became the company’s first education director. She developed the company’s educational materials, annual workshops, and highly successful educational licensing program. Her work as education director was featured in the documentary about Bill T. Jones, A Good Man, which aired on PBS nationwide. Cox has been the subject of a cover story feature in Dance Teacher magazine and is regularly sought out by professional publications and organizations for her expertise.

Photo by Jim Lafferty

Erica Gionfriddo and Eliot Gray Fisher

Erica Gionfriddo (ARCOS co-director) is a dance artist, educator, and somatic researcher who believes in the intelligent body each of us occupies. They are co-founder of ARCOS, whose ongoing inquiry probes the confluence of technology and humanity through rigorous interdisciplinary experimentation. Erica’s extensive experience as a GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® trainer guides their pedagogical methodology, which they bring to their capacity as Assistant Professor of Practice in Dance at the University of Texas at Austin and as a national teaching artist. Erica holds a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from Shenandoah Conservatory and an MFA in Dance from Hollins University.

Eliot Gray Fisher (ARCOS co-director) is an interdisciplinary artist working in technology and performance. As co-director of ARCOS, he creates interactive video, audio, music, and text, as well as performing. Eliot brings his perspective as a bridge between analog and digital technologies to his diverse artistic practice, which has included composing music for film, theater, and dance, creating narrative and experimental video and animation, building interactive new media installations, writing and directing original theater, and teaching in various settings. He has a BA in Film Studies from Wesleyan University and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. 

ARCOS experiments rigorously to discover adventurous new forms of contemporary performance. ARCOS’ practice integrates newer and older technologies through bodies in movement to create hybrid works questioning dominant understandings of our world. The stories embedded in these works are inspired by actual communities and histories, addressing the complexity of interaction and communication between people and peoples, the influences of systems on individuals and societies, and the turbulent cultural process of tradition in flux. Provoking dynamic interplay between the human, mechanical, and digital through individual and collective experiences—in real time and asynchronously, virtually and physically—ARCOS seeks to engage diverse participants in tangible relationships that are surprising, humorous, profound, intimate, and immense. 

ARCOS has presented work at venues including CounterCurrent Festival, Currents International New Media Festival, Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival, Online Performance Art Festival, and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. ARCOS has served as guest artists at academic institutions including Colorado College, Connecticut College’s Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Macalester College, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Texas A&M University, Texas State University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Michigan’s Department of Performing Arts Technology, and University of North Texas, and residencies such as Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Playa Summerlake, Signal Culture, and Ucross Foundation. They have also published work in the journal Theatre Design & Technology and The Bloomsbury Handbook of Dance and Philosophy, and received grants from the Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Mid-America Arts Alliance, Texas Commission on the Arts, City of Austin, and Rea Charitable Trust.

Photo by Carla Alcántara

jordan lloyd

Jordan Demetrius Lloyd is a dance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He studied at The College at Brockport after leaving his hometown Albany, NY. He has collaborated with and performed for Karl Rogers, Netta Yerushalmy, Tammy Carrasco, Monica Bill Barnes, Catherine Galasso, Laura Peterson, Ambika Raina and David Dorfman Dance. He is currently teaching at Rutgers University and his work has been produced by: New York Live Arts, BRIC, ISSUE Project Room, BAAD!, Movement Research at Judson Memorial Church, The Center for Performance Research and Brooklyn Studios for Dance. Most recently he received the 2021-23 Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship.

Photo by Aundre Larrow 

jess pretty

jess pretty is on a quest for pleasure that transcends time and the spaces she claims to reside in. within her research she choreographs, performs, collaborates with other artists (okwui okpokwasili, kat galasso, will rawls, katie workum, cynthia oliver, leslie cuyjet, dianne mcintyre, jennifer monson and niall jones) and has a teaching practice at universities around the country (the new school, kent state university, whitman college, beloit college, and others). she received an mfa in dance and queer studies from the university of illinois at urbana champaign. her free time is filled curating methodologies for living past survival through being as unapologetically black as possible.

photo by kelly marshall

Sara Procopio

Sara Procopio is a Brooklyn-based dance artist, educator and arts manager. As a founding company member and Artistic Associate of Shen Wei Dance Arts from 2001-2012, her work with Shen Wei included originating roles in ten works, with extensive national and international touring, while also fulfilling company management responsibilities. From 2012-2019 she performed in the work of choreographer and media artist Jonah Bokaer with global appearances including the BAM Next Wave Festival, Brisbane Festival, Lyon Biennale and the National Theater of Serbia. 

Sara’s teaching practice has led her to facilitate workshops, organize intensives, and stage repertory at renowned institutions and festivals throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S., including the Paolo Grassi School in Milan, the Korea International Dance Festival in Seoul, Peridance, Gibney Dance Center, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and the American Dance Festival where she has been a faculty member since 2008. Sara has taught at high schools, colleges, universities, and youth programs including The University of North Carolina School for the Arts, Connecticut College, Rutgers University, Middlebury College, Hollins University, Marymount Manhattan College, Dancewave and University of the Arts where she has taught since 2011. She has also created and directed choreographic works for students at the Florida School of the Arts, Brooklyn Arts Exchange and the Greenville Fine Arts Center.

Throughout her career, Sara has served as a grant writer and arts manager. In 2012-2013, she was an Arts Management Fellow through a program of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center in conjunction with the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Professional Development Program. Since 2015, Sara has worked with Big Dance Theater providing administrative support in the areas of company management, finance and development. Sara currently teaches and serves as Assistant Director in the School of Dance at University of the Arts. ADF faculty since ’08.

Photo by Heidi Gutman

Christian Von Howard

Christian von Howard is the Artistic Director of the VON HOWARD PROJECT, a contemporary dance company based out of New York City. As an international artist, he has worked with many dance artists such as Doug Varone, Fernando Bujones, Douglas Becker, Germaul Barnes, Daniel Gwirtzman and various others. Christian is a Fulbright Specialist (2019-2021),  a NJ State Council of the Arts Choreographic Fellow (2006) and his choreographic work has been produced in various venues across the globe including Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, Colombia, Chile, South Korea and in the states at Dance Theater Workshop (now New York Live Arts), Joyce SoHo, Dixon Place, the Ailey Citigroup Theater amongst others. His guest artist teaching/residency highlights include the American Dance Festival, Dance It! Festival(Bulgaria), Peridance Dance Center, Dance Masters of America, and the Korean Dance Festival. Christian is a 2013/2014 recipient of the Distinguished Achievement in Teaching Award from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts where he was part of the teaching faculty in the Department of Dance & Choreography from 2008 to 2014. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre & Dance at Montclair State University and concurrently teaches at the Alvin Ailey School in NYC where he has been on faculty since 1998. Christian serves as the Northeast Regional Director of the American College Dance Association. He holds advanced degrees in Performance and Choreography from the School of Classical and Contemporary Dance at Texas Christian University and from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Photo by eyewanderphoto

jessie young

Jessie Young is a Brooklyn-based choreographer, dancer and teacher. Her current practice constructs contemporary paradigms for information-sharing within pre-existing artistic and pedagogical lineages of dance and somatic training. Her classes function as a laboratory to challenge conventions of meaning-making through an excavation of corporeal knowledge and perceptual experience. She roots her work in feminist and anti-oppression practices.

In New York, her work has been presented by Danspace Project (DraftWork), New York Live Arts, AUNTS (Mt. Tremper residency), Dixon Place, The Current Sessions, and the Domestic Performance Agency. Additionally, she has presented her work at FringeArts (Philadelphia,PA) Lion’s Jaw Performance and Dance Festival (Boston, MA) International de Teatro Susana Alexander (Mexico) Fleet Moves Dance Festival (Cape Cod, MA), Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (Urbana Champaign, IL) and extensively in Chicago with institutions such as Links Hall, Chicago Home Theater Festival, Chicago Dance Crash, and The Inconvenience. She has been an artist in residence at  New York Live Arts (Fresh Tracks), Brooklyn Studios for Dance, and Centrum (Port Townsend, WA). As a dancer, she has trained intensively as a company member of Abby Z and the New Utility, performing in a solo work “On the Line” and performing in the world premiere of the work “ Abandoned Playground.” at Abrons Art Center (in addition to other places). For 10 years, she has maintained a collaborative relationship with Julie Mayo and  Stephanie Acosta. Additionally, she has performed in work by Khecari Dance Theater, The Seldoms, Kristina Isabelle Dance Company, The Moving Architects, and The Space/Movement Project, among others. Jessie has been on faculty at Lion’s Jaw Performance + Dance Festival, Mark Morris Dance Center, and Gina Gibney Dance Center. In addition, she has taught master classes and led workshops at Bard College, Pieter Performance Space, Beloit College, University of Utah, University of Wisconsin at Madison, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Davidson College, and Base: Experimental Arts + Space (Seattle). She is currently on faculty at American Dance Festival and Rutgers University and contributes to the online teaching platform Freeskewl. Additionally, she runs an online Pilates Studio through the platform Core to Coeur.

Photo by Whitney Browne

jesse zaritt

Jesse Zaritt’s work engages drawing as dancing – a visual and physical practice linked to dreaming, drafting, and materializing futures. His choreographic, performance and teaching practices research the ways in which excessive, contemplative and resistive dance practices change how movement arises in the world and how dancing participates in processes of social transformation. A series of solo works made between 2008 and 2019 interrogate attachments to Jewish ritual and community, seeking to queer dominant paradigms of familial/national belonging, religion, gender and sexuality. Zaritt currently works in creative dialogue with Sara Shelton Mann.

Zaritt has performed his solo work in Taiwan, Uruguay, Russia, Korea, Germany, New York, Japan, Mexico, Israel and throughout the United States. His solo Binding was the recipient of three 2010 New York Innovative Theater Awards—Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Solo Performance, and Outstanding Performance Art Production. He has performed with the Shen Wei Dance Arts Company (NYC, 2001–2006), the Inbal Pinto Dance Company (Tel Aviv, 2008), and in the work of Netta Yerushalmy (NYC, 2009–2016) and Faye Driscoll (NYC, 2010–2015); he was an artistic adviser for Driscoll’s Thank You For Coming projects (2014-2019). He created duet works in collaborative partnerships with Jumatatu Poe (2012-2015), Mark Haim (ADF commission, 2015), and Katie Swords (2015-1019). Zaritt is an Associate Professor at the University of the Arts, having previously been the inaugural 2014–2016 Research Fellow in the University’s School of Dance. He has taught nationally and internationally at schools and festivals including Bard College, Hollins University and the American Dance Festival.

Photo by Olivia Blaisdell

ADF offers equal opportunity of admission to all applicants.