Scholarship Live Auditions

leadership scholarship live AUDITION dates

For students that wish to attend a live Leadership Scholarship Audition, there are opportunities listed below! 

2020 Auditions

Audition: 1:00-3:00pm
Led by Crystal Fuller and Momar Ndiaye
Ohio State University Department of Dance
Sullivant Hall 290
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Masterclass: 11am-12:30pm (it is highly encouraged that you attend both the masterclass and audition)
Audition: 12:30-2:00pm
Led by Jenna Riegel
Dance Council of North Texas’ Dancers Network
Collin College Spring Creek Campus
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Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm
Event: International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference
Address: The Kimmel Center, Innovation Studio, 300 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA  19102
Please note: Dancers must be IABD members and register ahead of time through IABD here

Time: 1:00-7:00pm 
Led by Matt Pardo
Event: Alabama Dance Festival (only open to registered festival participants)
Please note: There is a separate ADF masterclass at this Festival on Saturday, January 25th.

Audition: 4:00-6:00pm
ADF’s Samuel H. Scripps Studios
Address: 721 Broad Street,
 Durham, NC 27705 (2nd Floor)
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Audition: 2:00-4:00pm
Address: Gibney, 280 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, Studio Y 
Led by Christian Von Howard

Time: 12:00-2:00pm
Led by Loren Davidson
The Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts, Peacock Foundation Studio (located in the Ziff Ballet Opera House)
Address: 1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132 
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*Participants in this live audition will be considered for an exclusive Miami-based full tuition scholarship sponsored by the Arsht Center!



Audition: 2:30-4:30pm
Led by Rosanna Tavarez
Arizona State University
Nelson Fine Arts Center, FAC122
51 E. 10th St.,
Tempe, AZ 85281
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We are offering class only auditions at many ACDAs this season, which are only open to students participating in the conference. These are all auditions that will NOT include the sharing of your area of expertise (solos). Check your ACDAs schedule to see when our class happens!

Locations include: Western Michigan University, CSU Long Beach, University of Maryland, SUNY Potsdam, UT El Paso, Gonzaga University, West Virginia University, University of Kentucky, and Florida State University.

Live Audition DETAILS

The live audition will be structured one of two ways: with or without the sharing of your area of expertise (solos). Please read any accompanying information for your specific audition location to see which you should prepare for. If you aren’t sure, please contact us at 

Check-in: Arrive early! Check-in will usually begin approximately 30 minutes before the class or audition. At check-in, students will need to sign-in, complete a liability waiver, and obtain an audition number.

The Audition:
Class: The audition begins with a class based in a contemporary movement form. This class could be the usual class length (90 minutes or more) or shorter, depending on the structure of the audition. We will assess your skillful artistry and embodiment more than technique in this section. The administrator will film exercises, which will likely culminate in a center phrase. Please come to the class or audition warmed up and ready to begin dancing fully.

Sharing of your area of expertise: If this is part of your audition, each dancer will have 1.5 minutes to present their area of expertise.  Suggestions of what to present based on area of expertise are below.

  • Performance: An excerpt of a piece you have performed, a class phrase that you know well, an improvisatory score or physical practice that highlights your skill as a performer and dancer. 
  • Choreography: An excerpt of a solo that you have created and can perform.
  • Improvisation: Any improvisational structure based on the values of the dance tradition you are working with.
  • Community practice: A presentation using dancing, speaking, and/or video to share the ways you have created community-based dance programs or events.
  • Dance scholarship: A reading of an excerpt of a paper you have written, or a discussion and embodiment of the way you are investigating specific ideas through physical research.

Be sure that you can present your area of expertise in a live context. Depending on your content, it might be more beneficial to submit an online portfolio. Please come prepared to the audition with music and any other materials loaded on your computer, phone, or tablet. A stereo with an mp3 hookup will be provided. Ensure that you do not need WiFi in order to access these materials, as we cannot guarantee that you will have WiFi access.  A musician will also be available to play with you.  

Find out about ADF: Following the formal audition, we’ll talk about the ADF School. You’ll have time to ask questions and find out more details about the Summer Dance Intensive and scholarship opportunities.

how to apply

We encourage you to apply before the audition with the steps below, but it is not required.

  1. Complete your online application for the Summer Dance Intensive and pay the $50 nonrefundable application fee.
  2. Once accepted, indicate your interest in applying for a leadership scholarship in your online application, upload a copy of your parents’ most recent Tax Form 1040 (first page only), and submit a self-interview video (details below) and your area of expertise video (if applicable).
  3. Upload a self-interview video: a videotaped self-interview (up to 1.5 minute long) in which you address two prompts from below:
    • Discuss how you embody leadership characteristics through your dance practice. OR
              Reflect on the critical lens for this year: the physical imagination: How does dance allow us to explore and realize our wildest imaginings?
    • Identify one leadership characteristic and how you embody it in your dance community.
  4. *For specific audition locations that do not include area of expertise presentations* Demonstration of your work in your area of expertise (choose only ONE of the following), submitted in the following formats:
    • Performance: a 1.5-minute videotaped solo. Please credit the choreographer appropriately or let us know if you are improvising.
    • Improvisation: a 1.5-minute videotaped improvisation: solo, duet, group, or contact. Please let us know any scores you are working from/with.
    • Choreography: a 1.5-minute video excerpt of a work you choreographed, performed by yourself or other dancers. Please let us know the title of the work and whether it is a work-in-progress or a finished product.
    • Dance on film/Dance video: a 1.5-minute excerpt of a work you created for video. Please let us know the title of the work.
    • Community practice: videotaped discussion, print materials, or a combination of both. Video should be no longer than 1.5 minutes and could include a clip of you working in a community; a clip of a community-based practice or performance that you created; a brief self-interview in which you discuss a specific project you are developing/have recently implemented; or any other content that adequately represents your work. Print materials could include lesson plans, promotional materials you developed for a program, or other documentation of that nature. Please submit all print materials in Word or PDF form, and limit your submission to 3 pages.
    • Dance scholarship (dance history, interdisciplinary studies, dance criticism, etc.): videotaped discussion, print materials, or a combination of both. Video should be no longer than 1.5 minutes and could include a clip of you discussing the specific area of dance scholarship you are interested in and how your physical dance practice informs that work; your long-term interests in dance scholarship; or any other content that adequately represents your work. Print materials could include an excerpt of your writing in your area of interest. Please submit all print materials in Word or PDF form, and limit your submission to 3 pages.