Coming Home: ADF Alumni Return


Saturday, June 23, 7:00pm
Sunday, June 24, 2:00pm


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ADF Debuts!

ADF will highlight the significant talent that has come out of its school programs with a first-ever ADF Alumni Concert. Five choreographers, from a field of over 130 entries, were selected by an all ADF alumni panel (Elaine Bayless, Krystal Butler, Li Chiao-Ping, Kim Cullen, Mark Dendy, Larry Keigwin, Nicholas Leichter, Johnnie Mercer, Sherone Price, and Elena Slobodchikova) to participate in this historic program. Burr Johnson (ADF student 2006-2009), Raja Feather Kelly (ADF student 2008), Julio Medina (ADF student 2011), Chafin Seymour (ADF student 2010), and Alex Springer (ADF student 2003) and Xan Burley will present an exciting evening of original works.

Music for Chafin Seymour’s piece contains adult content.

Alex Springer and Xan Burley

Burr Johnson

Chafin Seymour

Julio Medina

Raja Feather Kelly

About This Event

Reynolds Industries Theater

June 23, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm