Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s “Keep Moving”

Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s
Keep Moving
September 30 through October 4
With choreography and interviews from the company’s canceled premiere of The Running Show at ADF, Monica Bill Barnes & Company collaborated with sixteen dancers from New York City’s Hunter College to create this online collection.  
The Running Show turned the art of dance into a live sporting event, featuring a local cast in each touring city. Keep Moving extends the show online, created by Monica Bill Barnes and Robbie Saenz de Viteri with contributions from the Hunter College student and alumni cast. The company met many of these dancers almost two years ago when we began developing the show together. They became a kind of home team for us throughout 2019, culminating in a high stakes performance at Fall For Dance at City Center last year.  
Hunter College is a public college in New York City. The dance program is not a conservatory, it’s an affordable liberal arts school that reflects and contributes to the cultural and economic diversity of the city. Keep Moving offers insight into the stories of dancers from this program and how they are preserving their identity as artists and movers amidst a global pandemic with no studios or theaters to move in. 
This online show is delivered in chapters
that try to answer the question
of how a dancer, a woman
who works so hard to keep moving,
finds a way forward
while we’re all on pause.  


Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s “Keep Moving” is co-commissioned and presented by ADF with support from Jody and John Arnhold/Arnhold Foundation

Additional support is provided by the City of Durham.


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September 30 to October 4, 2020
10:00 am - 11:59 pm