Silvestre Dance Technique with Tamara Williams

Silvestre Dance Technique is an intermediate modern dance form founded by Brazilian choreographer, dancer and teacher Rosangela Silvestre. This codified dance technique is used as a tool to train the body using theoretical methodologies, exploration and physicality. The technique focuses on the Body Universe and three prominent triangle spaces in the body. Metaphysical connection to the four elements of earth, fire, air and water are applied to the technical training. Silvestre Dance Technique is influenced by various movement forms including: Capoeira, yoga, Dunham, Graham, Horton, ballet, and traditional Indigenous and African-Brazilian dances as well as others.

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Tamara Williams is an Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte (UNCC). She earned her BFA in Dance from Florida State University and received her MFA in Dance from Hollins University in collaboration with Frankfurt University. Her choreography has been performed nationally, and internationally including Serbia, Switzerland, Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and in Brazil. In 2011 she created, Moving Spirits, Inc., a contemporary arts organization dedicated to performing, researching, documenting, cultivating and producing arts of the African Diaspora.

Williams’ article, “Reviving Culture Through Ring Shout”, was published in the Dancer-Citizen in 2018. Her research focuses on spiritual dances of the African Diaspora. She is currently investigating Ring Shout dance traditions created by enslaved African Americans in the United States and has a forthcoming book about Silvestre Dance Technique, and forthcoming chapter in Fire Under My Feet regarding Ring Shout traditions.

About This Event

ADF's Samuel H. Scripps Studios, 721 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705

May 9, 2020
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm