ADF’s hOt sUmMeR pOP uPs!

ADF’s hOt sUmMeR pOP uPs!
choreography by Mark Dendy

Join us for a BIG DANCE wild ride radio show mash up of summer hits that is a celebration of everything summer. Featuring all-time hits, Martha and the Vandella’s “Dancing in the Street,” Janis Joplin’s “Summertime,” and the quintessential classic “Wipeout!” in a sound score composed by Ken Ray Wilemon. All set to Rock Star Choreographer Mark Dendy’s kinetic, physically explosive and always socially relevant style. The ADF commissioned work will be performed by a young company of 10 dancers handpicked by Dendy for their unique talents. The dancers will receive full scholarships for the summer as part of ADF’s long standing mission to help dancers make the transition into the professional dance world. How do you think Dendy got his start?
Performance locations, dates, and times will be announced soon!

Mark Dendy
dendy/donovan projects

View Mark Dendy’s “Ritual Cyclical” performed at Hearst Plaza, Lincoln Center.


Dance Pop-ups choreographed by Mark Dendy are made possible by the 315 Fund.