Festival Lineup

ADF’s Movies by movers 2018 films


Initiation by Iwona Pasińska (Poland)

Pilgrimage by Marlene Millar (Canada)

CROWS by Efrat Rubin (Isreal)

Home Exercises by Sarah Friedland (USA)

Ingmar Bergman Through the Choreographer’s Eye by Fredrik Stattin (Sweden)

Little Things by Sami Hokkanen (Finland)

Stopgap in Stop Motion by Stephen Featherstone (UK)

Ground Fine by Sharon Leahy (USA)

HAT IN LOVE by Misato Inoue (Japan/Switzerland)

Querencia by Sarah Wilcoxon (USA)

Women in Cities by Rosie Trump (USA)

Objective Romance by Tomer Zirkilevich and Juan Enrique Vilz (Germany)

Sacred/Profane by Peter Sparling (USA)

RETA by Jonathan Pfundstein and Cailtyn Swett (USA)

Impetu’s: Flamenco’s Driving Force by Lulo Rivera (USA)

Darlings by Kyle Morck (USA)

Six Solos by Simon Fildes (UK)

Lil Buck with Icons of Modern Art by Andrew Margetson (USA)

Ghost Story by Sarah Elgart (USA)

The Dérive by Tanin Torabi (Iran)

Shoe Horn/Office by Ingrid Nachstern (Ireland)

LUNA by Chelsea Bonosky and Justin Ervin (USA)

Are You Holding Me Or Am I Holding Myself? by Cesar Brodermann (Mexico/USA)

Black Stains by Tiffany Rhynard – (USA)

No More Beautiful Dances by Anabella Lenzu – (USA)

Floating Chronologies by Mary Fitzgerald (USA)

WRECKED PULSE by Pelle Hybbinette (Sweden)

First Dance by Jingqiu Guan (USA)

Recharge by Jade Charon (USA)

Chatter by Hannah Weber (USA)

The Invisible Man-Let Me Ride by Francesca Mirabella (USA)

Maja by Laura Mielczarek (Poland)

ALWAYS & FOREVER by Natascha Vavrina (Switzerland)

Some Body by Francesco Puppini and Matteo Palmas (UK)

Nasty Woman by Hayleyann Evers (USA)

Behind Barres by Sophia Bender (Australia)

Where do you Stand in the Military Industrial Complex? by Jack ironstone (USA)

-3 by Daryen Rubin (USA)

Body Map by Candace Thompson (USA)

In This House by Emilee Harney (USA)

Amanda Coogan: Long Now by Paddy Cahill (Ireland)

Her Magnum Opus by Marta Renzi (USA)

Secondary Succession by Chicken Bank Collective (Mexico/USA)