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2019 Winter Term Adult Drop-In Classes 

All drop-in classes that take place at ADF’s Samuel H. Scripps Studios (721 Broad Street) are $15 to drop in with class cards available for a discounted rate, advance registration not required.  

Class pass/class card information:

  • Regular 5 class pass – *never expires* – $65 – ($13 per class)
  • Regular 10 class passes – *never expires* – $120 – ($12 per class)

  • *NEW* 5 class term pass – *expires 3 months from first use* – $60 – ($12 per class)
  • *NEW* 10 class term pass – *expires 3 months from first use* – $110 – ($11 per class)

  • *NEW* Student 5 class pass – *expires 1 year from first use* – $55 – ($11 per class)
  • *NEW* Student 10 class pass – *expires 1 year from first use* – $100 – ($11 per class)

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cunningham-based technique with Justin Tornow

Mondays at ADF’s SHS Studios, 7:00–8:30pm

Justin’s classes are based in Cunningham Technique, taught through a contemporary lens. We will move through the traditional standing class sequence with a focus on energy management and anatomically-based placement. The practice we seek is grounded in an easy curiosity and experimentation—we’ll dissect technical movements into do-able formats, and get a handle on some of the philosophical foundations of the technique. It’s my belief that Cunningham class is a site for freedom and play, all while deepening a connection with your inner technician.

MODERN JAZZ with Tracey Durbin

Wednesdays at ADF’s SHS Studios, 6:30-8:00pm
This soulful modern-jazz class equips dancers with a strong technical foundation while focusing on lowering the dancers’ center of gravity and syncopating movement with a blend of latin, modern, ballet, and jazz. This intense fluid class emphasizes the relationship between music and movement and inspires dancers to feel movement from the inside out, keeping you engaged, sweaty, and inspired.


Sundays at ADF’s SHS Studios, 1:00–2:30pm

This much-beloved series is now on our regular schedule as a drop-in class!  Drop-in classes are $15 each (regular class cards available for a discounted rate).
This class has evolved into a movement class for adults with some dance background and an interest in continuing and developing their movement skills. The class begins with stretching and strengthening exercises on the floor, and progresses to movement sequences traveling through space. Whether your last dance class was 10 weeks ago or 10 years ago, we encourage you to join us in this supportive and enthusiastic class environment.

For adult beginners, we strongly recommend Community Moves – BASIC with Megan Yankee on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:45pm. 




2019 Winter Term Adult Enrollment Classes 

*NEW* Adult enrollment classes that take place at ADF’s SHS Studios (721 Broad Street) are $96 to enroll for the full Spring Term.  Must reach minimum enrollment to run.

Community moves – Basic WITH Megan Yankee – Enrollment class 

Price:  $96 for term 

By popular demand, we are bringing this special enrollment class to the space as an extension of our wildly popular Community Moves – Open class! This class is suitable for adult beginners with little to no dance experience.

Have you been thinking that you need some dancing in your life? Here’s your opportunity! If you’ve always wanted to explore dance as a movement practice, this class is for you. The class will begin with stretching and strengthening exercises on the floor and progress to simple movement sequences traveling through space.

The class is targeted towards adults who have a passion or curiosity about dance. No previous dance experience necessary.




parkinson’s movement initiative

American Dance Festival is proud to offer our NEW Parkinson’s Movement Initiative classes in partnership with NC Dance for Parkinson’s and Poe Wellness Solutions and supported by a grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation. Through funds raised by Moving Day® North Carolina, a walk for Parkinson’s, all classes offered through the Parkinson’s Movement Initiative are free for people living with PD and their caregivers.

Our grant has been re-funded!

We are excited to welcome you back to another year of programming. 

Fall Term:  September 10 – December 16, 2018
Winter Term:  January 7 – March 24, 2019

Classes listed below.

Pilates for parkinson’s with meg poe

Mondays, 2-3:15pm  |  Wednesdays 2-3:15pm
Pilates for Parkinson’s consists of a warm-up focusing on alignment, exercises challenging strength and balance, and a cool-down for stretching and relaxation. All exercises are explained and demonstrated with options for beginners as well as more advanced participants. Time is spent seated in a chair, standing with the wall or a chair for support, and on the floor. Each class explores new ideas for improving strength, flexibility, and balance. 

All people with Parkinson’s and/or PD care partners are invited!  
**This is a FREE class, but you must PRE-REGISTER to participate. Hope to see you there!

About the instructor: Meg Poe is dedicated to health and happiness through movement and mindful living. She is a Duke-certified Integrative Health Coach, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and a certified Pilates instructor with a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from UNC Chapel Hill. She has been directly involved in educating and training students in the integration of mindful, healthy movement for over 25 years.

Dance for parkinson’s with Susan Saenger and Lindsay Voorhees

Sundays, 3-4:15pm
NC Dance for Parkinson’s is modeled after the Dance for PD® program, developed by the Mark Morris Dance Group and Brooklyn Parkinson Group, and our teachers have attended their training workshops in Brooklyn. Although the class conveys the benefits of exercise, it also highly values the creative expression, aesthetics, and artistry that are at the core of dance as an art form. Participants will learn choreography in a variety of dance styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, and cultural/folk, and have opportunities to improvise and create unique movement sequences. A typical class includes movement done seated, standing, and locomoting, with adaptations offered based on each individual’s level of comfort and mobility. Participants dance together, in partnerships, and at times, solo. In addition to dance, the teachers utilize related art forms such as theatre games, poetry, image-based mindfulness, and storytelling to foster creative and expressive experiences. The class also promotes a sense of community where isolation is broken and meaningful connections are formed through the joy of dance. 

All people with Parkinson’s and/or PD care partners are invited!
**This is a FREE class, but you must PRE-REGISTER to participate. Hope to see you there!

About the instructors: NC Dance for Parkinson’s is co-directed by Lindsay Voorhees and Susan Saenger. Lindsay has her MS in Occupational Therapy and a BA in Psychology and she is currently a licensed occupational therapist. Susan has a BA in Biology and an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy, is also a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, and a licensed professional counselor. Lindsay and Susan co-teach the Dance for Parkinson’s classes and were both trained by David Leventhal of the Mark Morris Dance for PD® program.

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