Cinthia Pérez-Navarro 

Cinthia Pérez-Navarro is a dancer, teacher, somatic educator, and movement creator from Puebla, México. Her work engages with diversity, tradition, and richness of community exchange by incorporating ancestral knowledge into a contemporary movement practice, which includes stewardship and reverence from different ecosystems and cultures and how we embody them. She graduated with a Bachelor of Dance from UDLAP, Cholula, Mexico. In 2016, she was awarded as the best female performer and in 2019 a finalist in the V and VIII 4×4 Tj Night Choreography Contest. Later she began her collaboration with XIPE Colectivo Escénico for the performance, AQUERÓN: el río de la tragedia, having a season in Cholula, Puebla, CDMX, El Paso, TX, and Brooklyn, NYC. In 2020, she was nominated for Best Foreign Actress for the ACE Awards NYC. For 5 years, she was co-director and choreographer of the contemporary dance company PROYECTO SEGUNDO PISO in Cholula, Puebla. She is currently working as a Somatic Movement Educator, facilitating classes at IBERO Talleres Artísticos, Puebla campus and as dance faculty at Centro de Estudios Superiores SISTI. She is a member of Chicken Bank Collective, coordinates RISOMA Retiro CI México, and manages the Contact Improv Puebla community.

Classes: Mapping Functional Geographies: Dancing together through complex terrain