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sample 2017 Class SCHEDULE

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community life

The Pre-Professional Dance Intensive is a life-changing experience, designed to create thoughtful dancers who exhibit personal integrity and community-mindedness.  In addition to rigorous technical and creative training in the dance studio, this Intensive prioritizes community building; respect for difference; and responsibility both inside the classroom as well as in daily life. All students are expected to contribute to an environment where individual actions do not violate the integrity of the community. Intimidation, harassment, and bullying will not be tolerated. 

All students accepted into this Intensive must sign a commitment statement affirming that they will adhere to the community rules established to guarantee a safe, healthy, and happy environment for all participants. To ensure that all students are fully emotionally and physically integrated into the program, restrictions will be placed on cell phone and internet usage. ADF highly encourages all students to leave their cell phones and internet-enabled devices at home. Devices brought to ADF will be collected at the beginning of the festival and only distributed to students once a week to call home for a very limited time frame.