Thank You

Major Support for ADF’s 2024 Season

Foundation, Government, and Corporate $1,000+ Contributors as of June 4, 2024.

This season is made possible through the generous support of the SHS Foundation and Duke University. 


$100,000 or more

Samuel H. Scripps SHS Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Nathan M. Clark Foundation
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Duke University
North Carolina Arts Council



Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Nathan M. Clark Foundation
Nathan M. Clark Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation



Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Nathan M. Clark Foundation
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Duke University



North Carolina Arts Council
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Nathan M. Clark Foundation
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation



Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Nathan M. Clark Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Nathan M. Clark Foundation
Nathan M. Clark Foundation



Israel Center of Jewish for Good



Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation

2024 ADF Fund Contributors

Includes contributions and pledges received October 1, 2023 through June 4, 2024

VISIONARY $100,000+
Nathan M. Clark Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Duke University *
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust
SHS Foundation

INNOVATOR $45,000+
Jody and John Arnhold/
The Arnhold Foundation
The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
North Carolina Arts Council
The Shubert Foundation

PRODUCER $25,000+
City of Durham
Fox Family Foundation
Barbara and Sebastian Scripps
Wendy E. Scripps Foundation

SUSTAINER $10,000+
Forest at Duke
Susan and Michael Hershfield
Herbert Juli
Mary Love May and Paul Gabrielson
Curt C. Myers
Jessica L. Pierce, in memory of Hugh M. Rosenthal
Charles L. Reinhart
The Scripps Family Fund for Education and the Arts
The Esther and Otto Seligmann Foundation
Taiwan Academy of TECRO/
Ministry of Culture in Taiwan
Anne Wall Thomas
Triangle Media Partners +

PIONEER $5,000+
Suzanne Begnoche and Pavan Reddy
Bernard and Stacey Bell
Alison S. Bowes
Brenda Brodie
Durham Arts Council
Harkness Foundation
Richard and Ford Hibbits
JB Duke Hotel/
Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club *
The Jones Dance Education Scholarship Fund
Gene and Diane Linfors
Mad Hatter’s Café and Bakeshop/
Saladelia Café *
Jonathan and Christine Mark
Carlton Midyette and Marjorie Hodges
The Nasher Museum of Art
New England Foundation for the Arts
Owls Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Caroline and Arthur Rogers III
RTI International
Judith Sagan
Rosemarie Sweeney, in memory of Tom Kunz
South Arts
Tallman Trask III

CREATOR $2,500+
Chet Miller/Parker and Otis *
Craven Allen Gallery/House of Frames *
The Israel Center at Jewish for Good
David and Suzanne White Manning Synergic (P)arts Fund
OAL Foundation, in memory of Kent Simmons
Dr. Eugene Oddone and Dr. Grace Couchman
SPAIN-USA Foundation


INVESTOR $1,000+
Ingrid and Jason Amsden
Anonymous, in honor of Patricia E. Jones
Sarah and Christopher Bean
Melinda Beck and David Thomas
Sue Bielawski
Blackman & Sloop, CPAs
The Bullock Family
Kathy Burk
Chris and Angela Combs
Sharon Connelly, in memory of Martha and Gerry Myers
C.T. Wilson Construction Company
Rachel M. Davies
Deborah Demott
Andrea Didisheim and Evan Yassky
Mia and Scott Doron
Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation
Rachelle Feldman and Paul Raczynski
Dr. James A. Frazier
Gateway Building Company
Misty and John Gay
Pamela and Isaac Green
Petra and Helmut Gulde
Susan T. Hall
Hamilton Hill Jewelry
Lynn and Daniel Langmeyer
David Delaney Mayer
Measurement Durham LLC
Tom Mitchell and Jill Over
Angel Nieves
Jodee Nimerichter and Gaspard Louis
Ninth Street Flowers *
Nan and Tim Prout Charitable Fund
Gerry Riveros, in memory of Gay Bradley
Silverback Foundation
Vincent and Ethel Simonetti, in memory of Ethel Tison Chaffin
Mindy and Guy Solie
Helen and Richard Tapper
Susan Van Eyck

LEADER $500+
Elizabeth Amend
Asian Pacific Studies Institute at Duke University
Don Ball
Mimi Bull, in honor of Charles Reinhart and in memory of Stephanie Reinhart
Janice Christensen
Croasdaile Country Club *
Dancing Angels Foundation
Leigh W. Dillard
Durham Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc. *
Doris and Marv Elkin
James and Jane Finch
First Insurance Services, Inc.
Laura and Bob Gutman
Angela Hodge and Adnan Nasir
Jane Kestenbaum and Stewart Johnson
Little Waves Coffee Roasters
JP Morgan Chase, Jeremy Fisher
Rob Maddrey and Mark Tulbert
Rikki Mangrum and Michael Freedberg
Edward and Connie McCraw
Rose Mills and Jeffrey Collins
Larry Mintz
Susan and Raphael Orenstein
Richard Paschal and Helen Buiskool
Mary Regan
Sandy and Arthur Rogers, Jr.
Heather Larson Shaw ^
Steven Silverleaf
Stephanie Simon
Drs. Debara Tucci and Kevan VanLandingham

Ellen and Phil Baer
Patricia V. Basta
Sheldon Becker
Sasha Berghausen, in memory of Sara Seten Berghausen
Barbara V. Braatz
Carol and Webb Burgess **
Sarah Carlson **
Amy Chavasse, in memory of Rodger Belman
Linda Y. Cooper and John Wasson, Jr.
Janet Dale
Mary Kay Delaney and Fritz Mayer, in honor of David Mayer and Tony Johnson
Sarah and Howard Francis **
Stephen Gheen and Cathy Moore
Lucy and John Grant
Charlotte and Andrew Holton
Robert Jankowski
Nathan and Brianne Kibler, in honor of Cynthia Wyse

COLLABORATOR $250+ (continued)
Geri LaPlaca **
Lisa J. McQuay
Beth Navon
Mimi O’Brien
Patricia Petersen and Douglas Young
Rao Family Foundation
Dr. Peter Reynolds
The Svetkey – van der Horst Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation
Nancy Trovillion and Jamie Wallace
Laura and David Weisberg-Wong, in honor of Jodee Nimerichter
Mike and Abby Zimmerman, in memory of Mary Ellen Soles

Erica and Josh Alexander
Anonymous x2
Kathy and David Bartlett in memory of Richard Morgan
Steve and Pat Bocckino **
Dorothy Rose Borden
Karen Campbell and Bob Galloway
Carol Cappelletti
Ruth S. Day
Sarah Deutsch
John F. Dorsey
Downtown Durham, Inc., in memory of Richard Morgan
Adriane Fang ^
Milo Fryling and Pamela Alberda
Amy Ginsburg and Andy Maynard, in memory of Carol Richard
Priscilla A. Guild
Bob and Chelley Gutin
Jane Hoppin
Joseph and Julia Horrigan
M. Huey
Kae Huggins
Myra and Kevin Kane
Robert Keifer, in memory of Richard Morgan 
Shelley and Steve Keir
Katherine Kennedy
Beth and Jim Maxwell, in memory of Richard Morgan
Leona A. Miller
Hank Majestic
Elaine and Lee Marcus
Barry Nakell
Jennifer Nash| Nash Family Fund
Beth Owen
Claire Porter
Melodie Griffin Pugh
Susan Ross and Tom Hadzor
Sandra Scheuber~
Steve Schewel and Lao Roberts, in memory of Richard Morgan
Scott Shore and Rebecca Boston
Anne Shortliffe and Richard Ward, in memory of Rodger Belman
Susan Skinner, in memory of Richard Morgan
Dana L. Smith
Wendy and Gilbert Smith
Andrea Snyder
Karen Soskin and Stephen Haskin
Ellen Stone

ENTHUSIAST $100+ (continued)
Alan Teasley and Andrew Wheeler
Katrin Thompson, in honor of Gerri Houlihan
Elizabeth Thornhill
Robert W. Upchurch
Tina Vasquez
Art Waber and Alyson Colwell-Waber, in memory of Joan Certa-Moore
Anna Waller and Steve Marshall
Mary West Water
Lynn E. Whitaker
Allen and Claire Wilcox

FRIEND $1-$99
Evelyn S. Bloch and family
Julia Borbely-Brown **
Buynitzky Family **
Chris and Jennifer Dawson
Daniel Ellison
Barbara and Peter Fish
Linda Florio and Mark Roman, in honor of Tony Johnson
Gary and Pela Gereffi
Jane Goldberg, in honor of Arthur Goldberg **
John Hanks and Rebecca Hutchins **
Patrizia Herminjard
Susan and John House
James Lent
Patricia Manning, in memory of Stephanie Reinhart
Jonathan Probber**
Martin L. Sanderson, in memory of Richard Morgan
Tanya Schreiber
Kate Shirah
Gale N. Touger
Dorothy Marie Uhl **
Marya Ursin



* In-Kind Community Partner

+ Media Sponsor

** Scripps Studios Endowment Fund

^ Tony C. Johnson Scholarship Fund

~ Gerri Houlihan Scholarship Fund


Jocelyn Alter
Jamie Arnold
Sarah Lanners Avinger
Elaine Bayless
Sarah Adams Bean
Sarah Bowdoin
Ellen Brown
BSides RDU
Caroline Calouche
Rosie Canizares
Gregory Catellier, in memory of Nancy Stark-Smith
Li Chiao-Ping
Toya Chinfloo
Alexis Colker
ShaLeigh Comerford, in memory of John Brinkman
Caleigh Crane
Mia Crider
Aislinn Curran
Jamie Doughty
Kayla Farrish
Ardyn Flynt
Kristin Gajdica
Josee Garant
Victoria Gintautiene


Gabriele Gossner, in honor of Nancy Trovillion
Mark Haim, in memory of Martha Myers, Doris Rudko, and Bessie Schönberg
Jason Hartley
Emily Haussler
Kevin Higgins
Diana Hoffmaster
Gerri Houlihan
EW Humphrey Foundation
Tony C. Johnson
Lori N. Jones
TJ Jaworski
Sara Juli
Kate Kadoun, in memory of Stephanie Reinhart
Kirstin Kapustik
Larry Keigwin
Parisa Khobdeh
Heather Klopchin
Xiao Liang
William M. Lynch
Johnnie Cruise Mercer
Momar Ndiaye
Otto Nelson Jr.
Jodee Nimerichter
Lexi Ovenden, in honor of David Ferri
Clio Pappas
Deborah West Panagacos
Garrett Parker
Ann Patton
Sara Procopio


Ariane Malia Reinhart, in honor of Jodee Nimerichter
Kelsey Riner
Jeanne Ruddy Keen
Olivia Ruggieri
Kelsy Rupp
Nile H. Russell
Loren Sass
Sandra Scheuber
Ray Eliot Schwartz
Jennifer Scully-Thurston
Candy Spahr
Rebecca Steinbach
Jim Sutton
Sarah Tondu
Nancy Trovillion, in honor of Lisa Booth
Art Waber and Alyson Colwell-Waber
Myra Weise
Kendra Windish
Cynthia Wyse
The Zachloe Family
Yitong Zhang