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 The ADF School is…


A place for dance artists who want to study, perform, create, research, and build lifelong connections in an immersive, meaningful community. For over eight decades, ADF has been a career-defining destination for dancers around the world, a place where movers learn from each other, generate new ideas together, share their stories, and form lasting relationships. 

ADF provides the critical meeting ground for vibrant, diverse dancing bodies to mobilize, align, and become the leaders our society needs us to be. It is an indispensable educational force in the contemporary dance landscape by offering an innovative curriculum and presenting best pedagogical practices. In all of its programs, it seeks to foster community-mindedness, ethical leadership, and respect for difference. 

Each year, dance students and artists from around the world converge on the campus of Duke University to discover endless possibilities at the ADF School. Under the direction of ADF School Dean Leah Cox, the school hosts its core summer programs of the Summer Dance Intensive (SDI), the Pre-Professional Dance Intensive (PDI), and the Dance Professional Workshops (DPW) in Durham, NC.

Summer Intensives Programs

SDI students in a class

For Dancers & Artists (18+)

Realize your potential in a community of passionate artists with our Summer Dance Intensive (SDI).

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PDI Students in a class

For Dancers & Artists (13-17)

Experience rigorous training in a caring community with our Pre-Professional Dance Intensive (PDI).

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For Professionals

Rejuvenate your professional practice with our Dance Professional Workshops (DPW).

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Winter Intensive

During the winter, students study intensively with ADF’s outstanding roster of teachers at the New York City Winter Intensive. Learn More


 Contact us at school@americandancefestival.org