ADF is fortunate to have some of the finest dance musicians in the country on its roster. We invite you to read about each of our musicians below. 



Adam Crawley headshot

Adam Crawley

Jefferson Dalby playing the drums for a dance class

Jefferson Dalby


Matthew Dixon

Vladimir Espinosa headshot

Vladimir Espinosa

Joanie Ferguson headshot

Joanie Ferguson

Natalie Gilbert sitting at a piano

Natalie Gilbert

John Hanks working with sound equipment

John Hanks

A black and white photo of Andy Hasenpflug working with musical equipment

Andy Hasenpflug

A black and white photo of Jake Meginsky working with sound equipment

Jake Meginsky

Westin Oxking taking a selfie with her phone

Westin Oxking

Atiba Rorie with a conga drum

Atiba Rorie


Khalid Saleem


Dr. Bradley Simmons

Micky Nguyen dj-ing

Micky Slicks

Michael Wall working headshot

Michael Wall