Pilobolus | Creation + Collaboration

Posted in Performances '12, 2012.

    A striking feature of the body of work produced by Connecticut-based Pilobolus is its unique collaborative process. This summer, Pilobolus brings to the ADF stage both new and vintage pieces—including two ADF commissions—that reflect this creative spirit. Working with master juggler Michael Moschen in their piece entitled Azimuth, the dancers were challenged to learn juggling techniques that lent new insight on embodying movement and introduced new and unexpected information. “Michael brought out these books on mathematics,” recalls Associate Artistic Director Renee Jaworski. “We would walk in for rehearsal and our dancers would all be reading up on math.”   Pilobolus also worked with Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in their production of Automaton. In the video above, Ms. Jaworski discusses how the work begins as a conversation and transforms into the piece onstage. Not simply considered “works,” these pieces become creations by which the myriad of contributing voices can be witnessed.   This organic method of creation is not limited to outside collaborators. From project conception to completion, dancers within the company are integral to the creative process as well. “We’re not just invited to give our input,” says dancer Shawn Ahern. “We’re expected to be a part of the conversation.”   Pilobolus performances run at DPAC through Saturday, July 7th, including evening shows as well as a children’s Saturday matinee. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.