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including students, interns, faculty, staff, production crew, and board members, as Alumni.



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Which classes did you select to take? Who were the faculty you studied with and have never forgotten? Did you perform in a work or create a work for others? Was there a particular ADF performance that changed your perspective on what dance could be? What is that unforgettable internship moment? Are you still in touch with the festival friends you danced with day in and day out? 
We have heard so many incredible memories from our alum over the years that attest to the power of a summer at ADF. We want to be sure that the next generation of dancers can have cherished experiences at ADF just like you had. 
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These are hard times, and we understand if joining as a monthly donor is not possible right now. We want to know how you’re doing! Leah Cox, the dean of ADF, is starting a project, “I Love It When You Tell Me Stories,” which invites any member of the ADF community to tell their story. These are short, informal stories about any part of your life, told any way you want. This blog-like project will share your stories on the project website and through blog posts. If you’re interested in sharing a little bit about your world right now, find out more and sign up here.


ADF students, 1994. Photo by Rebecca Lesher

Burrough Wellcome Scholarship Students, 1982. Photo by Jay Anderson.

ADF Convocation, 2011. Photo by Sara D. Davis.


ADF at Connecticut College, 1966. Photo by David L. Arnold.

Summer Dance Intensive final showing, 2019. Photo by Ben McKeown.


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