Multiple exposure image of Co-Director Davian Robinson in silhouette sitting on the dance studio floor in front of large windows.

ShaLeigh Dance Works


Program: enVISION: Sensory Beyond Sight

Image Description: Time-lapse multiple exposure image of company member Jonh Blanco and enVISION expert Hillary Honig Ensminger lightly touching hands at the wrist with fingers extended and traveling side by side through space while other company members are moving in the background.

Photo by Slater Mapp

enVISION: Sensory Beyond Sight is an immersive interdisciplinary performance that does not solicit the viewer’s sight but rather all their other senses. Specifically conceived with and for individuals who are low-vision and blind, the work proposes a new sensorial experience of dance and theater. The work will be presented to a live audience who can choose to experience the show blindfolded and invites six audience members to join the experience onstage.

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“a marvelous surprise … with its mix of Gaga-style freedom of movement and balletic elegance … well suited to the complex balance of dance theatre.” CNVC.org

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Friday, June 3 at 7:30 PM
Saturday, June 4 at 2:00 PM
Saturday, June 4 at 7:30 PM
Sunday, June 5 at 2:00 PM
Sunday, June 5 at 7:30 PM

Seats are General Admission, $20
Please note that tickets purchased at the door will be cash only.

Video Description: Seven dancers of different genders and ethnicities are listening to the voice of Krishna Washburn who is guiding them through the art of self audio description. The video transitions to close-up shots of the performers’ bodies as they move in ways that respond to Krishna’s words. The dancers are moving inside the ADF Scripps Studio which has a gray marley floor and a wall of windows showing that it’s night. 

The closing text reads: enVISION: Sensory Beyond Sight coming soon by SDW

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Doris Duke Charitable FoundationSamuel H. Scripps SHS Foundation

enVISION: Sensory Beyond Sight by ShaLeigh Comerford is co-commissioned by ADF with support from the Doris Duke/SHS Foundations Award for New Works.