Janis Brenner

ADF Debut


von der Heyden Studio Theater

July 15, 7:00pm
July 16, 9:00pm
July 17, 7:00pm
July 18, 9:00pm


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“I have never seen anything quite like this before. The physical performance was encapsulating and forceful while, at the same time, gentle and malleable. It was like a cloud. Beautiful and meaningful, but also fleeting and intangible.”—All About Solo

Inheritance: A Litany is a journey into the myriad ways a daughter “became” her late parents. She inherited her father’s nose, her mother’s singing voice, father’s sarcasm, mother’s fragile bones… as well as a lifetime of objects, lessons, and even thoughts and ways of being in the world. This poetic narrative, dance-opera-play, and comic drama by internationally acclaimed artist Janis Brenner reveals aspects of a family’s story as well as the nature of how we become who we are and uncovers what makes us each unique, complicated, and fragile human beings.

Inheritance: A Litany has all the right DNA for a truly spectacular solo performance.”—All About Solo

Adult content and language. Not recommended for children.


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