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2019 Summer Term at ADF’s Samuel H. Scripps Studios – REGISTRATION OPEN!
youth classes

June 3-July 28, 2019
Tuition:  $120

Movimiento de Desarrollo (3 años)

Mondays, 4:30pm–5:00pm with Laura Grant
In this class, three-year-olds will get to explore all of the dance possibilities available to their young bodies, including jumps, turns, going upside down, balancing on one foot, rolling, gliding, and making interesting shapes. We access our ability to move through playful games that are designed to develop their physical strength and coordination, listening comprehension, collaboration skills, attention span, and imagination. A range of music, props, and stories help us on our dance journey each class.

Descubriendo Baile (4-5 años)

Mondays, 4:30-5:15pm with Danielle Segretto
Saturdays, 10:00-10:45am with Anthony Nelson

This class combines learning the basic elements of dance with artistic expression. The children dance fast and slow, sharp and smooth, and learn traveling movements as well as movements that stay in one place.  They are introduced to the world of dance, increasing movement skills and self-expression by themselves and in small groups. It’s fun for all as they speak creatively through their dancing muscles!

Creative DANCE (AGEs 5-6)
Baile Creativa (5-6 años)

Saturdays, 10:45-11:30am with Anthony Nelson
Jody’s description:  Students warm-up to the developmental patterns of dance and prepare their mind and body for creative dance. They explore place, size and levels, directions and pathways of movement. They dance quickly and slowly, sharply and smoothly and create straight, twisted, round and bent movements. They create patterns and phrases of movements that they perform in rhythms from around the world. They learn to mirror and shadow each other as they cooperate and discover creative movement solutions together.
Megan’s description: This class will nurture your young dancer’s social skills and ability to move safely, both of which are helpful for future dance classes in any genre. Each class includes: warm-ups based on universal developmental movement patterns, activities that familiarize them with safe rolling, jumping and falling, as well as games and exercises that nurture sharing and teamwork skills. The class only has three rules: be safe, be kind and have fun!


Intro to BALLET (AGES 5–7)
Introducción a Ballet (5-7 años)

Thursdays, 4:15-5:00pm with Marsha Thomas
Students will continue to focus on body awareness, self-expression and musicality while further exploring introductory ballet vocabulary and technique in an imaginative environment. This class will work on familiarity with the traditional ballet class structure, with an emphasis on confidence and enjoyment. Ballet shoes required.


Saturdays, 11:30am–12:30pm with Anthony Nelson
This hip hop class aims to make dancers aware of their bodies by focusing on weight shifting, dancer synchronization, and beat recognition within the most current music styles. As the class continues, it will give dancers an opportunity to be exposed to increasingly more complex and fluid movement. Get ready for a fast-paced and bumping class! 

Jazz FUndamentals (ages 8-10)
Fundamentales de Jazz (8-10 años)

Thursdays, 5:00–6:00pm with Courtney Owen-Muir
Students will warm up by exploring basic elements of dance and choreography such as shape, rhythm, gesture, and tempo. Dancers will also learn the fundamental elements of jazz dance; leaps, turns and kicks. This class will build on concepts and techniques learned in Intro to Jazz.


ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSED – please call 919-797-2871 for info.

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