Creative Collaboration: making dance with my smartphone with Momar Ndiaye

In this class we will explore ways of creating dance solos with our smartphone camera as mode of transmission. The class will be divided into three major portions: 1) The study and analysis of what could potentially be categorized as a dance film and how to adopt a cinematic perspective while conceiving a solo, 2) An overview of important key elements of movement and choreographic composition, and 3) A realization of a final project that highlights students’ cinematic and choreographic skills. Students will be asked to generate phrase materials and images in response to their immediate environment and living conditions. As we explore different prompts, scores, and methods, students will be challenged to reimagine the spaces and tools available to them. They will also be asked to direct, collaborate, and support each other and learn how to provide constructive feedback to each other. We will be using our smartphone cameras and basic editing apps. A computer may be used, but is not required.