Diane Shepherd

Diane Shepherd is a seasoned tai chi and qigong instructor with a passion for sharing the transformative benefits of these ancient practices. Since 2006, she has been guiding individuals on their tai chi journeys, drawing on the teachings of Master Moy Lin Shin.

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Diane began further exploring the art of qigong. In 2022, she achieved a teacher certification from Holden QiGong, a milestone that shifted her focus towards this simple, but powerful, modality. Diane’s commitment to her own growth reflects her dedication to helping others find balance and vitality through tai chi and qigong.

With a background in massage therapy, acupressure, and a career in human resources, Diane brings a unique blend of expertise to her teaching. Her proficiency extends beyond the movements, incorporating a holistic approach that resonates with her adult students. Known for her patience, gentle encouragement, and calm communication, Diane creates an environment where participants gain new tools that enhance their lives.

A proud resident of Durham since 1997, Diane’s enthusiasm for wellness is readily apparent. Her journey, which spans across New Jersey, California, Washington (state), and New Hampshire, has enriched her understanding of diverse perspectives and cultures, further enhancing her ability to connect with and inspire others.