Experiencing Choreography: Theory & Practice w/ Jordan Lloyd

This class focuses on the creative process through the examining of different compositional elements such as time, space, sound, body, energy, and more. We will also use our time to create an original repertory under the direction of teacher Jordan Demetrius Lloyd. We will generate material from our impulses and desires, trying to source from places other than our conscious reasoning; the thinking will be in the doing and the doing in the thinking. This class is both a classroom and a laboratory and is fueled by experimentation. We will think critically about compositional theory and structures and will also work together to build a world of fantasy and boundless possibility. In the rep work, the politics of the movement will live in the form and will not be value-neutral. Rather, we will consider the movement to have its own qualitative agenda, or personality, which is then exaggerated and distorted by the nuances of the various performative intentions. It is important that this work unfolds in relation to the voices of the artists in the room. The rep work will be serious yet light, blaring but bathed in quietude, and most importantly the work will be ours.