Kate Weare

Kate Weare is an award-winning American choreographer and Guggenheim Fellow known for her startling combination of formal choreographic value and visceral, emotional interpretation. Weare charts a contemporary view of humanism by placing women at the center of the human story amidst the violence, sensuality, and yearning for intimacy that marks our age. Her work explores the undercurrents in relationships – both tender and stark – by drawing on our most basic urges to move and decode movement. Weare creates communion between director and performer in order to mine the body’s instinct for truth-telling: our intelligence about who we are as individuals, our longing to connect, our need for safety, our desire to be seen.

Since founding her company in 2005, Weare has garnered commissions from such prestigious venues as Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Joyce Theater, American Dance Festival and Jacob’s Pillow, as well as dance companies around the world including The Limon Company and Scottish Dance Theatre. Since 2020, Weare has been translating her choreographic and aesthetic vision into film. Her first two films, “Landfall” and “Moth,” have been screened in 37 festivals, in 10 countries, winning 9 awards.

Weare creates from a feeling of authenticity; a desire to explore across boundaries and mediums; a commitment to collaborating as a means to grow; and a belief that dance can be aesthetically uncompromising and communicative all at once.

IG: @katewearedance

Footprints Choreographer

Photo by Patrick MacLeod