Matthew Dixon

Mr. Dixon, composer and multi-instrumentalist in the field of music for dance, received his Bachelor of Arts in percussion performance from the University of North Texas School of Music, focusing on world music, jazz, drumline, and classical genres. He apprenticed under the tutelage of composer/accompanists Claudia Howard Queen at the University of North Texas and Keith Fleming at Texas Women’s University. As a multi-instrumentalist dance musician, Mr. Dixon uses piano, percussion, voice, electronics, samplers, and loops to create symphonic soundscapes allowing for a supportive and free environment.

Mr. Dixon has been accompanying dance classes since 2007 and has worked with such luminaries as Gerri Houlihan, David Dorfman, and Desmond Richardson, to name a few. His works have premiered nationally at Texas Women’s University, University of North Texas, Texas Christian University, and Denison University and internationally at the World Dance Alliance Global Summit in Mexico and Canada. He has also played for the prestigious American Dance Festival since 2016 and has composed over 20 original works for dance, as well as performing in touring bands throughout the US. As the Denison University Resident Dance Musician, he currently plays for modern, African, and capoeira classes as well as performing music regionally with various groups.