Momar Ndiaye

Momar Ndiaye is an international performer, choreographer, teacher, and videographer from Senegal. Momar received his MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois in 2017 and is currently Assistant Professor of Dance at The Ohio State University. Ndiaye has created and toured several staged dance performances along with choreographies for music videos with his own company, “Cadanses” since 2004 and was also a full-time dancer in the international dance company “Premier Temp” (2008-2014). As a teacher, Momar Ndiaye has taught African dance forms, Improvisation, street and contemporary dance in major dance festivals in Africa, Europe and America, and has also been teaching at university level in the US since 2014. His research focuses on Negritude, Interculturalism, Globalization, and Colonialism in the way they condition Africans’ socio-cultural and political identities. Therefore, at the core of his research resides a deep investigation of the concept of authenticity in traditional dance forms from Africa, the myths and misconceptions as well as the commonalities between Neotraditional dance and contemporary dance in West Africa.

Classes: Repertory & Creative Collaboration: Making Dance with my Smartphone

Photo by Ben McKeown