Mz. G’s Afro-Modern Technique w/ Michelle Gibson

Afro-Modern technique class creates a platform for students to understand dance across cultures that can bring them face to face with the hidden ideologies within other dance techniques. Allowing students to ask why and for what purpose do we dance, Mz. G’s Afro-Modern class will focus on a fusion of contemporary modern practices rooted in diasporic elements. Acknowledging diasporic aesthetics and movement fundamentals contributed to American modern dance styles and techniques, the class will consist of a specify warm-up, concentration of breathing techniques, center floor exercises, movement phrases, and connection of mind/body/spirit as a movement practice. Afro-Modern class utilizes philosophies of modern dance pioneer Katherine Dunham. Philosophies of this technique will support students’ understanding of movement as function and form, both aesthetic and lifestyle, and exploring cultural dance symbolism within modern forms. Isolation/undulations, core strengthening, dynamics, musicality, and healing meditative practices will be addressed.