Pilobolus Repertory w/ Matt Del Rosario & Nile H. Russell

Step into the world of Pilobolus and embody the essence of our innovative repertory in this exclusive class at the American Dance Festival. Guided by Matt Del Rosario & Nile H. Russell, two of our seasoned company members, who have not only performed but also contributed to the creation of the piece, students will have the rare opportunity to delve into the nuances of Pilobolus’s distinctive storytelling through movement. This repertory class goes beyond learning choreography; it’s an immersive exploration of the company’s signature techniques of partnering and collaborative creation and a masterclass in performance skills. Whether you’re looking to refine your artistic expression or experience the joy of Pilobolus’s creative process, this session promises a profound connection to dance that is both intellectual and visceral. Join us to discover how Pilobolus continues to shape the landscape of modern dance, one powerful narrative at a time.