Terrence Karn

TERRENCE KARN is a dance and musical artist/composer/educator. He began his career as a dance musician in 1971 at the Minnesota Dance Theatre. During the 1980s, Terrence taught character dance and accompanied dance at the Houston Ballet Academy, taught at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts, and performed with a variety of musical artists and dance companies. He was a resident Dance Musician/ Composer in the School of Theatre and Dance at the University of Houston (1999-2007), and then moving north in 2007, he continued his academic connections at Denison University’s Department of Dance (2007-2011) and at The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (2011-2016). Terrence is the cofounder and director of Global Dance Theatre (GDT) and has been a director and teacher for the Youth Arts Program at the Bates Dance Festival since 2000. Terrence began his ADF connection in 2009 and has participated in both the ADF NY exchange and the main festival numerous times over the past 14 years. Terrence travels to Houston, TX every Fall, where he accompanies dance at the Houston Ballet, the High School For Performing and Visual Arts, and the University of Houston and performs with GDT at The Texas Renaissance Festival. Terrence will return this year for his 25th year at YAP/BDF and is honored to be accompanying dance again at ADF 2024.