ADF Movies by Movers Shorts Program #5


ADF Movies by Movers Shorts Program #5
Student Films

Under the Tracks Alexander Petit Olivieri, Alia Swersky, Roel Seeber

Too Late Ana-Maria Ivailova Petrova

Round of Applause I Only Have Eyes For You Maeve Friedman

Isolate Courtney Holbrooks

Wayward Julia McCullock

The Whirlwind Julia Ponce-Diaz

…with an inner voice the river ran, adown it floated a dying swan… Sarah Ziolkowski

Professional Shorts

Noen Bernhard Østebø¸

TOUCH Brittney Canda

Sean Dorsey Dance: Dreaming Trans and Queer Futures Lindsay Gauthier

PALACE Omer Ben-David

Kitchen Dances: Locked and Challah Moze Mossanen, Allen Kaeja

Walls Come Down Jake Kruty

KINTSUGI Olga Sasplugas Rotés, Gabriel Schmitz, Tristán Pérez-Martín

Total Runtime: 1:32:06

July 15, 11am

**ADF Movies By Movers Q&A session @ 3pm.  The Q&A will also be a taping for the Frameform podcast with Clare Schweitzer and Hannah Weber (Frameform)

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