ADF Showings at Scripps: “The Feminine, the Divine” work-in-progress by Ramya Kapadia


ADF is pleased to host free informal showings of dance pieces in-progress in our Scripps Studio. Masking is at the discretion of the artist. Space is limited and registration is required.

The Feminine, the Divine, is a deeply personal exploration of the all-encompassing Hindu
Goddess – Devi. Devi has been preserved through centuries of storytelling as being
simultaneously graceful, empathetic and unforgivingly violent. Through time, this multiplicity of
Devi has remained unchanged and ever-relevant to every generation’s definition of femininity.
In a world that constantly attempts to reduce/confine female existence to a singular voice/
definition, this work serves as a reminder to acknowledge and celebrate the divine multitudes/
multiplicity that exist within each of us, her modern audience.

The work uses the traditional format of Bharatanatyam, a recast/restructured form of dance
from South India to seek out the feminine in the external world and see how that sits within the
modern female body.

Dancer Pavani Peri will perform this piece to live vocal accompaniment by her mentor Ramya

Pavani Peri has been dancing since she was four years old. She graduated from UNC in 2020
with degrees in Linguistics and Peace, War, and Defense, and lives in Durham where she has a startup called Acta that improves customer service for local governments. She will continue to dance her way to finding divine in the everyday.

Ramya S. Kapadia is a Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer and a Carnatic vocalist (South Indian classical dance & music forms). She is a Teaching Artist with the United Arts Council and the Tennessee Arts Commission. She has been Pavani’s mentor for the past six years and is thrilled to see Pavani come into her own.

Picture Credit: Eduardo Stancanelli

Registration Required! For any questions, please contact Jennifer Scully-Thurston, jscullythurston@americandancefestival.org

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